Sample Library Reviews’ Electric Guitars: The Short List


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If you’ve come from the main VI Guitar Week page you have seen some our Electric Top Picks & Guest Picks including, Ample Sounds TC II by Ample Sound, Shreddage Bass 2 &  Shreddage II by Impact SoundworksRed Planet Piano by Audio Imperia and the eBow Guitar by Soniccouture.

But there was a short list of library and virtual instruments that we are very fond of that we couldn’t complete VI Guitar Week without mentioning these Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments.

Electri6ity by Vir2 Instruments

While Electi6ity is part of the old guard it is still quite relevant today. Like it’s sister (Acou6tics), Electri6ity offering multiple guitars in one library.  The library has a unique and extremely playable set of classic guitars and covers all the genres better than any other multi instrument library to date.

“I love the selection of articulations (and there are a lot of them) and the ability of the engine to “sense” what you are trying to play and smooths out the bumps”
– Brian Brylow

You can get Electri6ity by Vir2 Instruments for $399.99 from Big Fish Audio

Evolution Stratosphere by Orange Tree Samples

Huge highlights for this are a crystal clear sample set and in Orange Tree’s Evolution engine. The Evolution engine provides for a completely realistic playing experience with multi-tracking capability. You can even track in 4 guitars with this bad boy.
Evolution Stratosphere has probably the most complete set of articulations in a single guitar library and easily covers ALL the bases for playing blues to pop, country to metal.

Hands down our favorite Stratocaster guitar library!

Evolution™ Stratosphere sells for  $179 from Orange Tree Samples



Renegade Electric Guitar by Indiginus

The sample set for the instrument comes from a Fender telecaster. With it’s punchy yet warm timbre this instrument lets you genre-hop easily for use in just about any style of music. The extremely playable Chord engine sounds fantastic and will have you strumming away in no time. All the articulations you need in a very well thought out engine AND such a low cost!!

See our Full review of the library here.

I loaded up Renegade, heard the wonderful sounding set of articulations, experienced the easy to use chords engine and I was hooked! Renegade is an SLR TOP PICK

Renegade Electric Guitar sells for $59 from Indiginus


Got a favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know.
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This is post is part of Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week