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Review Shreddage Bass 2 by Impact Soundworks

A virtual bass in a class of it’s own, Shreddage Bass 2 is kontakt instrument, six-string, custom-made Muckelroy bass guitar sampled with a fingered playing style through a legendary vacuum tube preamp and created specifically for rock, metal, fusion, pop and much more.

Shreddage Bass 2 is available for $119 (USD) from  Impact Soundworks




The team over at Impact Soundworks are well known for the Shreddage series of sample libraries, mostly leaning toward the heavy metal rock styles. Most of the guitar libraries out there for metal tend to have loads of presets with lots of distortion and effects that can easily mask any of the sampling or performance inconsistencies. Shreddage 2’s clean samples put an end to that kind speculation for the instrument.

With Shreddage Bass 2 library Impact Soundworks have crafted a library with such realism that you can use it clean and bare in ambience and in underscore tracks or add some effects for a more traditional metal track.

For the sample set Impact Soundworks captured a custom 6-string Muckelroy electric bass guitar. Each string was sampled individually on every fret. Shreddage Bass 2 comes with over 11,000 samples and a dedication to velocity layers with 4 for sustain notes as well as a up to 8 round robins. This is where I attribute the playability of the instrument since with bass guitars you can’t mask dynamic range contrast with compression and distortion like you can with a 6 (or 7 ) string guitar libraries.


Shreddage Bass 2 Presets

Shreddage Bass 2 has a huge range with playback covering up to 4.5 octaves from a low G to a high C. The lowest of the notes (the low G) might seem silly for anything other than metal at first, but I quickly found the extended range to be a real plus when writing and using it on scores allowing for some extra low support under a string section or an ambient cue. The sound is pristine and crystal clear with a warmth even when you play at a lower velocities.

The instrument has an easy way to load and save your own presets (as well as the 10 factory presets) with the ability to load effects presets only without altering the instruments main settings. There is also a double track & stereo double track option right on the front panel which instantly adds depth and spread to your sound.


Articulations Page

The instruments articulations page gives you 6 articulations with on/off switches that are easily to map to velocity, midi cc or a keyswitch. The sustains, staccato, hammer on/pull off effects play like a charm. The portamento is decent, but I was unable to get the kind of life like slides I have grown to love while using my favorite non-kontakt acoustic bass guitar virtual instrument.  I am sure it is a limitation in kontakt as I have yet to hear playback simulating fingers sliding up and down the fretboard in any of the kontakt guitar libraries I own that blow me away.

The instrument makes up for this with an entire articulation of slides, scrapes and other noise FX.


Engine Panel

The Engines panel gives you even more control and the ability to add release noises, too, which can give you extra pop or hard core reales noise if your going for a slap like effect in your performance.

Out of the box I was thrilled with the sound and to be honest I don’t tweak out the settings that much to get a performance for the tracks I am creating. Though it definitely leans towards an instrument for metal or rock I have found the instrument works well for just about any kind of music.

Since receiving Shreddage Bass 2 it has become my go-to electric virtual bass instrument if I am creating rock, metal or a dark score that need a bit of low end and attitude.


The instrument also contains a full fx rack.


Shreddage Bass 2 requires Kontakt OR Kontakt Player version 5.3.1 or higher.
It downloads as 4.5GB and contains 11,000+ samples and covers a four and a half octave range with a fingered playing style.

Shreddage Bass 2 is available for $119 (USD) from  Impact Soundworks




Demos of Shreddage Bass 2


Videos of Shreddage Bass 2