Cory Pelizzari of @SolonoidStudio VI Guitar Guest Pick: Shreddage II by Impact Soundworks


Celebrating VI Guitar Week we reached out to a few composers and friends to share their TOP PICKs for Guitar Virtual Instruments.

Composer Cory Pelizzari of Solonoid Studio has been creating library demo  videos  and is well known as “Soundiron‘s #1 fan” composing a massive collection of tracks using just about every instrument Soundiron has released. I reached out to Cory and asked him about his favorite VI Guitar and he eagerly shared his love of Impact Soundworks‘ Shreddage II  (overview video below).


“Much like a guitarist has their favourite guitar, Shreddage 2 (the original sampled JP12) is my favourite guitar library – Rock, Metal or other, it always comes through.

Good times or hard times, it always comes through. The library has the personality, sound and feel that makes it to the final cut every time. There’s just enough content and depth to handle almost every conceivable guitar part, lead or rhythm.”





“I always play the guitar live on my tracks through the Peavey ReValver amp sim using keyswitching
and the pitch wheel for custom vibrato, and I always set the release samples at high volume to get that grit and true to life playing sound happening.

I’ve been using it for years in finished productions and not a soul has ever questioned if it’s real or a sample library!”


Shreddage II sells for $139 from  Impact Soundworks


You can connect with Cory Pelizzari at his official website , soundcloud and youtube channel.

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