What is Sample Library Review?

Sample Library Review (SLR) is a music production resource blog created by award winning composer Don Bodin. SLR posts news, reviews and tutorials for composers and music producers to evaluate and learn about computer aided music production.

SLR is a collection of curated content with a focus on education. SLR is centered around Bodin’s personal experiences with tools to create music as well as the tools that are on his radar.

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Why Sample Library Review?

“I use virtual instruments everyday in my work. I know that getting as much information as you can before investing in a sample library or virtual instrument is very important because most composers and music producers have a limited budget to spend on their tools.
I created SLR as a way to “pay it forward” after years of self-education through internet/youtube tutorials. I felt there was a better way to pass along some of the music production knowledge and techniques I had learned. I hope to share my unique experience making music in many genres for advertisements, film, television and games to help others create better, more expressive music using technology.”- Don Bodin


Sample Library Review’s mission is to contribute to the global community of music makers by sharing news, creating brief overview videos as well as written reviews with a focus on creating concise content for busy professional seeking out knowledge base about new virtual instruments as well as gems we discover.


Don started Sample Library Review as a simple blog to post many of the video tutorials and walkthroughs that have helped him create music with software instruments.
Then he got ambitious and thought. . . “why not make it bigger, add reviews, create tutorials, post product trailers and music demos to make it a valuable resource for composers and music producers like myself.”

Sample Library Review is currently teaming up with software instrument developers and is creating original video walkthroughs, reviews and audio demos. If you have your own audio or video content and would like to submit video or audio content and be featured click here

The Sample Library Review Team

db • Host


db (Don Bodin) is a composer creating music for commercials, television, film and interactive media. He started Sampel Library Review as a blog in 2015 and handles all duties of a traditional publisher. You can check out his music here: or contact Don Here.




Brian Brylow • Editor

Brian is a Composer, Musician, Sound Designer and Producer from Milwaukee. He is a member of the electronic duos Parallaxe and Gorgon Nebula. He owns more VI’s than anyone I know. Check out his solo releases as Arpegiator here




Steven McDonald • Contributor

Steven is a composer and producer working in the Television, Games, and Trailer fields. Digging into virtual instruments and sample libraries to get the absolute most out of them has been a specialty of his since the beginning of his career. His music can be heard at




Steve Blizin • Contributor

Steve Blizin is a producer, sound designer, audio engineer and composer. He has been creating loop based music for nearly 20 years. He lives in Southern California and can often be found hiking or mountain biking the Santa Monica Mountains when he’s out of the studio.






Sam Burt • Contributor

Sam is a songwriter, producer, composer and educator based in the UK. A former BMG/Sony Records/Universal Publishing artist, Sam now creates music as part of the duo Border Scout and for trailer houses. Sam also works as an educator, tutoring musicians of all ages for the non-profit TICE.




AMM (Alexandria M. Mueller) • Contributor

Alexandria M. Mueller is an award winning composer and violist based in St. Paul, Minnesota.




T.M.K.Davis • Contributor

Tim has been playing keyboards and drums for 20 years and composing orchestral music for about 10 years. He is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in music production with a focus on video game scoring and commercial music.




Shaun Chasin • Contributor

Shaun Chasin is a Canadian composer for film, TV and video games. He studied at Berklee College of Music majoring in Film Scoring with a minor in Video Game Music. Following this, he attended the University of Southern California’s Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television graduate program. There, he studied with composers such as Bruce Broughton, Garry Schyman, and Christopher Young. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his cat Bogie.



Gary Hiebner • Contributor

Gary Hiebner is a sound designer and composer based in South Africa. He works on music productions for Film, TV and Games, and is also an online course creator for music tutorials. You can find out more about him at






Raborn Johnson • Contributor

Raborn Johnson is a musician and film composer. You can check out his music at




MCR (Michael Reinmuller) • Contributor

MCR is a working composer/producer who pitches relentlessly and hasn’t had a vacation longer than he can remember. He owns Melodikiln, a company specializing in media for film, TV and corporate clients and is also the founder of OffOffIndie, a small independent record label.





Raymond D Ricker, Les Carose Enterprises • Contributor

Raymond has a BFA in Music Composition from Bard College and studied with Ben Boretz (his mentor), Virginia Gaburo (Perspectives of New Music), JK Randall (Princeton University) and Joan Tower (De Capo Chamber Players). Raymond specializes in playing live improvisational “space music” heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Radio Massacre International utilizing VSTs alongside his collection of hardware synths.




Andrea Federici • Contributor

Andrea is a Composer and Sound Designer for Film and Videogames.
Formerly a Metal guitarist, he loves Action, Horror, and Thriller but often ends up composing for Cartoon and Adventure titles!  He is a real geek and surrounds himself with computers, music software and gear.  He graduated Cum Laude from Berklee Masters Degree in Scoring for Film, TV and Video games.





Guest Contributors

Christopher (The Darris) • Contributor


Christopher Byrum Harris is a film composer living the Bay Area of California. He creates composition tutorials as well as reviews of software for as well as his own Sample Spotlight Series Contact Christopher Here.




Adam • Contributing Assistant

Adam Lambert studied music at UCS and is currently working on his first solo album as AdamSample. Contact Adam Here.






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