Checking Out: EZbass by Toontrack


Designed to “effortlessly add bass to your songs,” do the EZbass the samples, articulations & effects deliver? Is it as “EZ” as the developer’s EZDrums/Keys? In this video review, we put this plugin to the test!

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Checking Out: EZbass by Toontrack

Following up on the developer’s popular EZDrummer and EZKeys lines, Toontrack has release EZbass. which is designed to “effortlessly add bass to your songs.”

The plugin downloads as 2.7 GB and can run as stand-alone software or as a plugin as VST, AU or AAX.

As a bass plugin, EZbass comes with 2 distinctly different sample sets.

EZbass Modern Bass Samples are from an Alembic Bass

For EZbass’ Modern Bass sample set the team sampled an Alembic Bass. This high-end bass is known for being very dynamic and expressive while delivering a full frequency range. The Alembic is widely used by top players including former Metalica bassist Jason Newsted, Jazz legend Stanley Clarke, the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones.

EZbass Vintage Bass Samples are from a Fender Jazz Bass

For EZbass’ Vintage sample set the team sampled a Fender Jazz Bass. This well known diverse classic is used by a variety of professional players including Rush’s Geddy Lee, the Red Hot Chilly Peppers’ Flea, jazz bassist extraordinaire Jaco Pastorius, Noel Redding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Larry Graham from Sly and the Family Stone and Adam Clayton of U2.

The library comes with both Fingered & Picked articulations including Auto-Alternating Fingers/Pick, Percussive, Tapping, Slaps/Posp, Ghost-Note & Slap, and Harmonic.

EZbass comes with dozens of presets for fingered and picked effects.


In addition to being a playable instrument, the plugin includes features for creating complete songs within the plugin with the  Songwriting which allows users to play or add performances right inside the plugin.
You can generate and modify performances using the libraries extensive selection of Midi Groves as well as play and edit with the internal midi Grid Editor.

EZbass Drums & Keys Tab

A great innovation in the software is the Drums & Keys tab. This allows users to drag drum or keyboard MIDI in the plugin and have EZbass automatically create a matching bassline.

EZ Audio Tracker Tab

The plugin also has an Audio Tracker Tab. The Audio Tracker is built for converting audio from other instruments into bass lines that the plugin can play.

But do the samples, articulations and effects deliver the quality equal to industry rivals? And can EZbass really be as “EZ” as the developer’s drum and piano lines and offer a life-like virtual bass guitar player for songwriter and producer?

In the video above, we check out the new release from Toontrack, look over the facts and specs, examine the interface, and listen through the presets. In the last half of the video, I share my first experience using the bass plugin on a “real-world” songwriting project and come to some conclusions about who this instrument might benefit.

EZbass by Toontrack normally sells for $179.

Big thanks to our friends at Time+Space for getting us a review copy of EZbass.
For a limited time, you can get EZbass for $149 (reg $179.00) at Time+Space

Demos of EZbass by Toontrack

Videos of EZbass by Toontrack