Acoustic VI Guitars: The Short List


This is post is part of the Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week: Focus on Acoustics

If you’ve come from the the main VI Guitar Week page you have seen some our Acoustic Top Picks & Guest Picks including the Ample Bass Acoustic II by Ample Sound, Evolution Steel Strings by Orange Tree Samples,  Acoustic/Nylon Guitars by Ilya Efimov and The Resonator by Indigiuns.

But there was another short list of library and virtual instruments that we were both fond of and love. We present them here as The Short List!

Renaxxance by Indiginus

(pronounced Renaissance yep you’ve been saying wrong) is an expressive Nylon String Guitar for Kontakt 4 or higher. We love the Renaxxance because of it’s superb warm nylon sound. It is very easy to perform with this library and the big kicker here is that it is very affordable.

You can get Renaxxance for $45 from Indiginus 

Hummingbird by Prominy

Now I haven’t played it myself but contributor Brian Brylow insisted we include this one. He tells me that Prominy’s Hummingbird is a superbly playable library. I’ll take his word for it as the demos sound great for this deeply sampled 1963 Gibson Hummingbird (acoustic guitar of choice for the The Beatles).  It has all the “Classic and crystal clear sound with all the playability bells and whistles you could want!”

Hummingbird sells for $299 from Prominy


AcousticGuitar 2.0 by Pettinhouse

The demo video of the strum patches (below) are all we needed to hear to know this one would make the list. Pettinhouse has crafted an amazing sounding instrument with so many great ways to perform on a keyboard it would be a crime to leave it off the list.
AcousticGuitar 2.0 sells for $69 from Pettinhouse 


Got a favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know.
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