Review: Fingerpick by Realitone


Realitone set out to create an acoustic guitar library specifically for the fingerpicking style and has succeeded in flying colors. Not only is Fingerpick is very easy to play, it sounds very authentic. The developer is so confident you will love it as much as I do that they offer a 30-day full refund policy. 

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At the time of posting Fingerpick had a special intro price of $79.95 at Realitone


Review: Fingerpick by Realitone


Fingerpicks main interface

Realitone‘s Fingerpick Kontakt Player library is designed specifically to perform in the fingerpicking style. The library contains a deep sampled selection of playable articulations and 26 Patters trigger through it’s pattern player which is where the biggest strength of the instrument really shines.

FingerPick sells for $119 from Realitone



This library has a really great sound for the fingerpicking style. It is very easy to play with the sections of the keyboard mapped out for easy performing of both custom performances, lines and pattern playing.

The stand out is the Intelligent chord recognition (including 9ths, dim, aug, sus4, etc) to trigger the pattern player. The “YELLOW” keys interpret chords and trigger the selected pattern (selected with the “GREEN” key. The library comes with 26 patterns that will be useful for composers looking to add fingerpick guitars and could be utilized as a songwriting tool as well.


Fingerpicks assignable patters

Taking the instrument a step further Reailtone have included a playback speed control, MIDI Drag functionality which really take this instrument to another level, allowing users to customize and manipulate the patterns to really make them their own.

The instruments also has a number of controls like speed controls, capo placement and, a simulated 12 String mode which sounds quite nice. The library also includes a Reverb Sends control and the addition of the Expression and Humanization Controls add more life and expressiveness to playback as well.


Fingerpick’s Settings Panel

Although the reverb does sound nice, there are no controls over the IR for the reverb selection so I may be muting it myself to bus out to a premium reverb plugin.

This library delivers and excels at what it set out to do, especially considering the asking price so it is hard to find many faults. That said I would have loved to have another guitar to choose from or even some timbre controls with EQ, doubling etc.

In summary, Fingerpick is very easy to play and it sounds very authentic. The developer is so confident you will love it as much I do that they offer a 30-day full refund policy. 


Fingerpick is a Kontakt player compatible with both the full and free version of Native Instruments Kontakt.
The library downloads as 1.18GB and comes with a manual which clearly documents all functionality.
FingerPick sells for $119 from Realitone

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