Evolution Steels Strings by Orange Tree Samples



My go-to acoustic guitar library, Evolution Steel Strings, has a beautiful tone thanks to it’s Martin sample set, amazing strumming options and an extensive set of presets. It shines with the Evolution engine’s scripting and physical modeling.


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Evolution Steels Strings by Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Steel Strings’ sample set was captured using a Martin D16R steel string acoustic guitar.   Bringing both fingered and picked articulations this kontakt player library uses a combination of sampling, scripting, and physical modeling (including a proprietary resonance engine) for unparalleled organic realistic results.

Evolution Steels String is available for $179 from Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Steel Strings GUI

Evolution Steel Strings GUI



It’s instruments like Orange Tree Sample’s Evolution Steel Strings that remind me why I started Sample Library Review. It is a thrill for a composer and music tech enthusiast like myself to be able to play Orange Tree’s Steel Strings sampled guitar that contains the tone, character and advanced engine to fool even even seasoned guitar players like myself.

After I realized the libraries magic sound comes from one of my favorite guitars, a Martin D16R steel string acoustic guitar, the rest of the accolades go to Orange Tree Samples Evolution engine.

Some of the engines highlights are that is can achieve convening lead line using it’s unique monophonic/polyphonic hybrid engine which lets you switch from legato leads to chording without thinking about it.

There are 2 methods of strumming: keyswitch strumming & using the strum engine. Both have advantages but the strumming engine is in a class of it’s own with the ability to use preset strumming patterns, create your own as well as save/ load strumming patterns right from the instruments interface.

Evolution Steel Strings Strum Engine

Evolution Steel Strings Strum Engine

The engine’s intelligent chord recognition is the kind of feature you dream of. The ability to play simple triads and the engine intelligently detects the chord you are playing and performs it the way a natural guitar player would, with options for fret position and capo.

I am usually not a fan of using developers effects in kontakt but the quality of the preset snapshots (with effects adjustments) changed my mind in this library.  The instruments FX Rack sounds top-notch so I rarely see any need to use another effects plug on the channel.

Evolution Steel Strings Preset Snapshots

Evolution Steel Strings Preset Snapshots

The attention to detail and scripting make this virtual instrument come alive. I’m not sure if it is the pick modeling or the scripting that adds that live playing feel to the instrument, but I managed to get great performances on the first take without having to go back in and tweak out a load of cc’s to mask the instruments weakness’s like I have with other guitar libraries in the past.

The GUI is straightforward and I love the animated fretboard interaction.

My only real criticism is that even though I have used the engine a many times, I still forget how to turn on the strumming engine. It is not the most intuitive sequence of buttons to push.  In my opinion it isn’t as intuitive as the rest of the instrument.

That said once you get it going you’ll be blown away by the realism of the strum engine!






Evolution Steels String is available for $179 from Orange Tree Samples

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