Spotlight Hammered Acoustic Guitar by AudioWiesel


This post is part of Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week

There was a short list of libraries and virtual instruments that we are very fond of and we couldn’t complete VI Guitar Week without shining a light on Hammered Acoustic Guitar by AudioWiesel!

Spotlight Hammered Acoustic Guitar by AudioWiesel

Hammered Acoustic Guitar is an inspiring set of instruments that will have you starting compositions one after the other with it’s unique tonal guitar amd percussion sample set.

+ 40+ percussive guitar instruments full of sonic inspirational with it’s unusual organic textures
+ A unique library that will open new sonic possibilities to your music.
+ Ensemble function allows playback of up to 4 guitars at a time

Hammered Acoustic Guitar (HAG) is sample library for Kontakt and requires the full version of kontakt 5 or higher. The libraries sample set comes from recording an Ibanez AE acoustic guitar while “playing” it with drum sticks and brushes. But Audio Wiesel didn’t stop there. They expanded on this the concept with additional recording sessions dedicated to percussion and effect sounds and then heavily processed some of the recordings using their sound design sensibility to craft an entire FX section.

The Hammered Acoustic Guitar is pretty cool! Especially if you’re looking for something a little different, something for quirky percussive string lines or a fresh sound for a kit.

The Hammered Acoustic Guitar has 2 instrument sets: Core & FX/Percussion.

The Core instruments consists of the master patch with in-built preset section including: Sticks, Sticks mellow, Brushes, Brushes mellow and 4 ensemble presets as well as 7 more patches with curated effects. The Core also comes with the “Dirty Slam Hits”
bonus patch.

The instrument is very dynamic with up to 9x round robin per note and up to 7 velocity layers so you never get any of that machine gun sound when playing and the instruments all feel very live and organic when performing.


The FX & Percussion collection is made up of percussive sounds and the sound designed FXs. This library contains 44 patches.

Additional features like the morphing on the instrument (morphs between clean and distorted percussion) the ability to use modwheel for reverb send or for a tempo-sync stutter effect let you really play the instruments in unexpected and inspiring ways.

The in-built presets are a great way to kick start a new work or inspire you to start writing.

Another thing I like about the HAG instruments is that you have the ability to choose between the tempered (perfectly tuned) and the ‘organic’ sample set. The tempered patches will blend right in with your other tuned libraries, but if your looking to defy tonal constraints then the organic can add another element to a track.

The library has been updated to V1.5 and AudioWiesel has also offered 2 sets of FREE Bonus patches for owners of the instrument including the “v1.5 Bonus Patch” and the “FREE Sci-Fi Sounds” which were created by Zdravko Djordjevic.

The library is currently on sale. You can get the full bundle for  $99 ( reg $139), the Core $59 (reg $79) or just the FX & Percussion instruments for $59 (reg $79) from Audio Wiesel