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Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic

Containing all previous Cinematic Guitars releases (1, 2 & 3) Cinematic Guitars Infinity couples the power of Sample Logic‘s powerful morphing engine with a massive, rich sample set of playable instruments, ambience, textures, loops and rhythms.

My new favorite hybrid instrument CG Infinity takes guitar based sound design to a new level.

This 26GB collection will take time to learn (both the sample set & the engine) and will also set you back some coin, but if you looking to add deep, evolving, cinematic atmospheres to your scores I don’t think you can go wrong with Cinematic Guitars Infinity.

Cinematic Guitars Infinity sells for $599.99 from Sample Logic

CG Infinity & CG Organic Atmosphere Bundle sells for $699.99

Sample Logic‘s Composers Bundle (CG Infinity, Morphestra 2, Cinemorphx) sells $1,299.99 for from Sample Logic


Cinematic Guitars Infinity includes 4 sample libraries in 1: CG1, CG2, CG3, & Infinity. It’s a kontakt player instrument (meaning it is compatible with both the full and free versions of Native Instruments Kontakt) and loads into your libraries tab.CGInfinityKontaktPlayer


At the time of writing Sample Logic had just announced new bundles and Cinematic Guitars Infinity is included in the “Composer Bundle” along with Cinemorphx and Morphestra 2. The composer bundle sells for $1,299.99 ($400 off buying each instrument individually).


Sample Logic‘s Composer Bundle

Cinematic Guitars Infinity incorporates all of the samples from each CG library for the source material on the infinity instruments. Now it is important to note that there is a learning curve to mastering the engine Sample Logic created for this library. It enables you to load up 2 samples into each sound bank and fade between the 2. There are 4 sound banks in the engine allow you to load to 8 samples into CG Infinity total.

As a collection, CG Infinity comes with over 4,200+ kontakt instruments.



CG Infinity 1 sound banks showing


CG Infinity 4 sound banks showing











There are 4 Cinematic Guitars Infinity master kontakt instruments. One for Atmospheres, Loops, Percussives & Instruments. Each of the names of these instruments implies as to the samples sets and presets associated with the instruments.



Cinematic Guitars Infinity Percussives Instrument


Cinematic Guitars Infinity Loops Instrument


Cinematic Guitars Infinity Instrumentals Instrument









Up until getting my hands on CG Infinity my go-to hybrid instrument had been Sample Logic‘s Cinemorphx which uses the same engine but has it’s own 30GB sample set. Transitioning to CG Infinity was simple for me since I already had been working with the engine and understood the way that it worked. Sample Logic has a video series for getting to know CG Infinity (posted below) that I do recommend you take the time to watch if you are new to the engine and pick up the library.

Although most of the interface is intuitive, with the inclusion of the 3D mixer and the depth of power of the engine I found when first learning Cinemoprhx that watching the videos was helpful in clarifying some of the questions I had.

A huge amount of effects, randomization and routing is available. See the official walkthrough videos below if you want all the details.




Cinematic Guitars 3


Cinematic Guitars 2


Cinematic Guitars 1









In addition to the CG Infinity with the morphing engine, you get all 3 of the previously released Cinematic Guitar libraries with the package. Each has a different interface although they are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. I found it fun to use the CG1, 2 & 3 libraries to get acquainted with the sample sets. Even though the libraries are not available as stand-alone products, they are still very usable on their own.  Rueben Cornell even chose Cinematic guitars 1 as his VI Guitar Week GUEST PICK.

UPDATE July 7, 2016: Since first writing this review I have found the Cinematic Guitars 1, 2 & 3 to be a huge amount of gret sounding instruments. When first reviewing the library I was very focused on the morphing engine and CG Infinity. After a couple months of use I am happy to say that get all 3 Cinemtaic Guitar libraries in this package is another huge PRO!


The biggest PRO for me is that Cinematic Guitars Infinity’s sample set and hybrid engine allow me to create evolving and morphing atmospheres, rhythms and textures that I had previously been baffled how to achieve.

It is easy to find “one-key” underscore through flipping through the presets or using the RANDOM function to roll the die on what you are going to get.

In the end Cinematic Guitars Infinity gives you about 2400 trillion combinations of samples and effects housed in a fantastic morphing engine that make this library an SLR TOP PICK.

Tastes with any kind of instrument vary so be sure to check out the demos and watch some of the walkthrough videos below to get a better understanding of the instrument to see if it’s right for you.

Cinematic Guitars Infinity sells for $599.99 from Sample Logic

Sample Logic‘s Composers Bundle (CG Infinity, Morphestra 2, Cinemorphx) sells $1,299.99 for from Sample Logic



Demos of Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic


Videos of Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic