Spotlight Acou6tics by Vir2 Instruments


This is post is part of Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week

If you’ve come from the main VI Guitar Week page you have seen some our Acoustic Top Picks & Guest Picks.

There was a short list of libraries and virtual instruments that we are very fond of that we couldn’t complete VI Guitar Week without shining a light on Acou6tics by Vir2 Instruments that made our list!

Spotlight Acou6tics by Vir2 Instruments

If you watch the video above then you know why Acou6tics by Vir2 Instruments is on the list. The ability to playback very realistic guitar patterns and chords, picking and strumming this engine does it all. Now here is the thing, Acou6tics comes with 6 instruments a 12 strings guitar, 2 6 strings (picked and fingered) 2 Ukeleles and a picked mandolin.

The library also comes with a selection of midi files to import into your DAW to jump start you songs.

+ Great engine with keyswitch strumming controls unlike any other library
+ Same engine for all 6 instruments, master the engine and play all the instruments with amazing realism
+ Customizability – The engine lets you adjust and designate just about every one of it’s parameters.


Acou6tics by Vir2 Instruments sells for $399.95 from Big Fish Audio