Orange Tree Samples release new Evolution Jumbo 12 – deep sampled Taylor 355 in the powerful Evolution engine for Kontakt @OTSamples


More than excited! Orange Tree Samples has released the Evolution Jumbo 12 acoustic guitar sample library for Kontakt and it sounds fantastic.

If you’ve been a fan of Orange Tree then you know what you are in for with the Evolution engine. This time the team has sampled a Taylor 355. This is a wonderful sounding real-world twelve-string acoustic guitar has been made famous by such artists as Neil Young and with the dep sampling and power of the Evolution engine I think we are in for a real treat!

Evolution Jumbo 12 is on a special intro price of $139 (reg $179.00) for a limited time.

For more info and the demos  visit the Evolution Jumbo 12 official page at Orange Tree Samples