Reuben Cornell of @TheSamplecast ‘s VI Guitar Guest Pick: Cinematic Guitars 1 by Sample Logic


Celebrating VI Guitar Week we reached out to a few composer friends to share their TOP PICKs for Guitar Virtual Instruments.

Reuben Cornell of Host of The Samplecast took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us about his favorite VI Guitar library: Cinematic Guitars 1 by Sample Logic (which is now available in Cinematic Guitars Infinity).



“My favourite guitar library is Cinematic Guitars by Sample Logic. When I started out as a writer and reviewer I had the chance to review this library and have been using it constantly ever since. Sounds from Cinematic Guitars seem to make their way into most tracks that I write, whether they need a guitar or not.”

“I especially love the loops and arpeggios which give a solid foundation to build a cue. Once you add in the wealth of FX and guitar cab emulations you can start to see the appeal of this collection. The multis have been programmed by composers I look up to, including Trevor Morris, Bill Brown and Jesper Kyd, and they’re so useful – and some are really one finger cue generators. Even though this library is geared towards soundtrack composers, with its processed guitar tones, it still has some great straight-up guitar patches including Les Paul power-chords that I call on whenever a cue needs a bit of grunt.”


“Sadly, you can’t actually buy this library on its own anymore. But the sounds live on in the form of Cinematic Guitars Infinity which bundles 4 of Sample Logic’s guitar libraries together. I think it speaks volumes about the flexibility of Cinematic Guitars that I’ve never even felt the need to extend my collection and get the whole range.


Cinematic Guitars 1 is part of Cinematic Guitars Infinity, an SLR TOP PICK.

See the SLR Review page of Cinematic Guitars Infinity to learn more.

Thanks to Sample Library review for thinking of me for this feature.”

You can find out more about Reuben’s weekly sample library and plugin show at The

Cinematic Guitars Infinity is a Kontakt Player Instrument. It Downloads as 26 GB and sells for $599.99 from Sample Logic

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