Nabeel Ansari’s VI Guitar Guest Pick: Acoustic/Nylon Guitars by Ilya Efimov


Celebrating VI Guitar Week we reached out to a few composer friends to share their TOP PICKs for Guitar Virtual Instruments.

Composer Nabeel Ansari stays very busy jumping between his composing work and working as a senior developer over at Impact Soundworks. I was thrilled when Nabeel took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us about his favorite VI Guitar libraries: The Acoustic/Nylon Guitars by Ilya Efimov.

“I really like Ilya Efimov’s acoustic guitars. They have a really good sound quality, no transitions or articulations sound particularly tacky or as if they would quickly sound fake the more repetitiously you have to hear them. The vibrato crossfade via modwheel is really smooth. We kind of expect this of modern electric guitar VI’s, but imperfections can get lost when they’re amped, so it’s easier to pull off there. It takes a really good approach to sample an acoustic guitar with the same depth without falling into traps of machine gunning or unnatural picking/fretting. Especially the repicking of the same note, it sounds amazing! The keyswitches are straight forward, you get some slides, some bends, and a keyswitch for legato enabling. They have velocity sensitive latch keyswitches too.”

“More importantly to me, their acoustic guitars are really playable, and that’s key when writing. I consider them playable because of two big factors, personally. The first is that the legato through hammer ons, pull offs, etc. is really tight, compact. It’s very snappy, and so it’s really satisfying to just noodle on the keyboard and listen to the virtual guitarist keep up. Especially with the string selection, it can sound pretty natural with minimal effort. Sometimes in sample libraries the legato scripting can get messy with the minutia of the cross fades; it can kill sound pressure and overall weaken the strength of whatever’s been played (and make it dynamically inconsistent). That’s not the case with Ilya Efimov’s acoustics.”

“The second big factor is that they utilize the sustain pedal the way it should be utilized in a guitar VI; it lets all strings ring out, and new notes stop old ones if they’re on the same string. This is how guitar playing works. When a guitarist is playing different phrases and chords with the intention of letting the strings ring out, the only time a string stops is when he plays a new note on a string that’s ringing a different note. This, coupled with the legato scripting, makes it really powerful, and allows you to much more easily mimic real guitar phrasing when the instrument’s script takes care of physical constraints of guitar playing for you. You can set the instrument to permanently sit in legato mode while you hold the sustain pedal, and just noodle away chords and melodies. It’s really fun!”

You can connect with Nabeel Ansari at his official website and soundcloud 

You can get the Acoustic/Nylon Guitars at Ilya Efimov

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