Spotlight: Guitarron by Bolder Sounds


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Guitarron by Bolder Sounds


One of the few if only large “mexican” baritone guitars that has been deep sampled Bolder Sounds Guitarron is so much more than just a Mariachi instrument. The guitarron’s character comes from the fretless 6 string deep resonance and slades and has been used by pop musicians to replace the bass guitar for years ( you’ve probably heard it on The Eagles Hotel California).

Keyswitch settings

Keyswitch settings

The instrument comes with an extensive set of articulations that can be triggered via key switches.

The articulations include multiple slides, hammer ons/pull offs and the well scripted engine make this instrument shine for creating great realistic performances.

The instrument comes with way more settings and controls than I would ever dig into but going over the panels really shows how this engine was thought out so you could have controls and adapt the instrument to your playing/programming style. You might need to reference the manual to get into all the details of customizing the key switches, slide settings and other parameters.

Slide Settings

Slide Settings

If I had to be critical  about the instrument  I would say that the User Interface feels very engineered with lots of grey boxes to click around adn not as streamlined or designed as you might want from most modern kontakt instruments. That said, the Guitarron’s interface is straight forward enough for you to get the job done.

Guitarron sells for $59.95 from Bolder Sounds


Guitarron samples were recorded with a microphone and a contact pickup, and each sample set has 3 x Round Robin and 3 velocity layers. Harmonic samples are also recorded for both sample sets.

The instrument contains independent EQ and Volume control of each sample source, an Octave Button with Timing and Randomization control for easy Mariachi style Octave voicing and an Auto-Slide page giving the user extensive control of generated slides

Guitarron contains a Key Switch Page where you can assign the various Key Switches and an effect engine with 7 different effects (each with its own Presets)

Keyswitch Settings

Keyswitch Settings

The Guitarron comes with 20 example Kontakt instruments (.nki) for demonstration.

Guitarron sells for $59.95 from Bolder Sounds


Demos of Guitarron by Bolder Sounds

Videos of Guitarron by Bolder Sounds