Review: Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic


Cinematic Guitars Motion is a very big library meant to bring movement and rhythms to your cue with the most disparate audio sources based on guitars and other stringed instruments. It is NOT a rhythm guitar library and it can get very far from the usual distorted-guitar-with-tons-of-effects realm, so it is definitely worth a look from guitarists as well!

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Review: Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic


See the SLR Preset Playthrough of Cinematic Guitar Motions here.

Cinematic Guitars Motion normally sells for $499.99 from Sample Logic
At the time of posting the library is available for the intro price of $299.99 Sample Logic


Cinematic Guitars Motion is the latest and greatest library from the developer Sample Logic for their Cinematic Guitar Series. The library is quite big, considering that it requires 33 GB of disk space and it offers 864 different instruments and presets made entirely from multi-sampled guitars and other stringed instruments. The library downloads via continuata connect and requires Kontakt 5.8.1 FULL version to operate.

As the name suggests this release of the Cinematic Guitar Series is dedicated to “motion” and some users might find it quite different from other previous releases such as Cinematic Guitars I and II. For those who are new to Cinematic Guitars be aware that this is not a fully playable guitar library nor a heavy chugging rhythm guitar library but rather a library that is meant to add motion, movement, rhythm and textures generated from processed stringed instruments to your cue.

The GUI of the library is very classy, modern and appealing, achieving the right balance between a minimalist outline and a pinch of old school synth controls layout.

The instrument has 4 main tabs which are: CORE, STEP, FX, MASTER.
The CORE tab of the engine consists of four independent “core presets” with their own different audio sources and a main XY controller to give movement to your sounds, giving you control over the overall amount of every one of the four sources.

The four presets have their independent controls like Attack, Release, Pan, Volume, low and high cut, resonance and response to velocity. They can be toggled between being one hit or loops that follow their own step sequenced rhythm.
The amount of presets is very satisfying as well as the amount of audio sources that can be selected to “feed” the core preset. The core preset is, as the name suggests, only a pre-set grouping of parameters that is always initialized by default with its own suggested audio source but you can freely experiment by twisting things around.

The second tab is the Step sequencer. As every step sequencer should be, it is very intuitive and you just need a few seconds to achieve the desired rhythm. The four rows give you an overview of what is going on regarding velocity and lengths of each step for the individual core presets but, clicking the three vertical buttons right below on of the core preset numbers (at the very left of the GUI) you have access to an entire new world where you can control pretty much everything for every single step of the sequenced part.


The FX tab is horizontally organized like the previous page. It is a very easy to understand look at the effects that you have enabled on every core. You can choose between 25 different effects like compressor, tape, EQ, delay, reverb and pitch to be enabled on the individual core presets up to a maximum of 6 for each one.

The MASTER tab is the only one that globally affects the 4 core presets. It is consists of six effects slots that serially spice up the signal and you have 8 different effects to choose from.

Overall I think that Cinematic Guitars Motion is a library that is meant to fulfill a very specific need of composers and it does it very well with over 30GB of content, a flexible GUI that is, at the same time, classy and intuitive but gives control over everything you need.

I was honestly expecting heavier guitar sounds and more bold, explicit and instantly recognizable distorted riffs from stringed instruments but, being a guitar player myself, have found that the processed audio sources can get VERY far from the usual guitar riffage made – and makes – this library super usable by guitarists as well.


Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic is a quite vast library dedicated to guitar texture and sound design.

In the 33 GB of over 33,000 samples you have 864 different sampled instruments and presets that can be combined to give birth to the most amazing “stringed soundscapes” to support your cues. For those who are not familiar with the library it is very well worth mentioning that Cinematic Guitars Motion does not provide fully playable guitars and it is not meant to do that. CGM is also quite different from the other releases of the series and is mostly based on creating interesting textures and movement in your score.

Even if the instrument is heavily based on sampled guitars and stringed instruments do not expect to play with aggressive chugging guitars but rather a heavily processed and extensive set of instrumentation that can largely trespass also into synth-ish territory.

Cinematic Guitars Motion requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, the Kontakt Player is NOT supported.

See the SLR Preset Playthrough of Cinematic Guitar Motions here.

Cinematic Guitars Motion sells for €299,99 from Sample Logic


Demos of Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic

Videos of Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic


Contributor Andrea Federici reviews Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic
“The Cinematic Guitars series is back with more than 30GB of stringed content to add MOTION to your cue… even for guitar players!”