Review Brio Percussion Ensemble by Indiginus


This library was featured in the 5 UNDER Ethnic Tools: Ethnic and World Sample Libraries

Brio is a great set of latin percussion instruments. It’s easy to play life-like phrases with well thought out articulations mapped across the keyboard.

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Review Brio Percussion Ensemble by Indiginus

Brio Percussion Ensemble sells for $29 from Indiginus


Indiginus has some die-hard fans of everything they put out and for good reason. The sample quality is great and the instruments are usually crafted with unique-easy to use interfaces. Brio Ensemble Percussion is no exception. The library comes with 2 main percussion presets: Brio (all instruments triggered through an 8 channel matrix sequencer ) and Brio Ensemble (with all instruments playable across the keyboard).

Brio Percussion Ensemble • Latin Percussion for Kontakt by Indiginus

Brio Ensemble Perset • Latin Percussion for Kontakt by Indiginus

I found myself gravitating toward the Brio Ensemble preset. The latin percussion samples are clear and present and I was thrilled to have flams, double hits and triple hits as well as different drum head hits samples to playback for each of the drums. Each articulations clearly color coded on the keyboard and easy to playback convincing performances.


Main Brio Preset with 8 channel sequencer

The main Brio instrument, with an 8 channel sequencer, was easy to use and I can see how this would be a big plus for those looking to load patterns. You have the ability to trigger up to 8 patterns via keyswitch and the instrument also includes the ability to “jam” over the top of the pattern with a selected instrument on the keyboard.

Some users will love the “Brio” instrument with the step sequencer and it’s ability to add swing and get a groove going quickly. I do see the benefits of it but for me personally I may never use this instrument as it’s engine is set up like with the drum machine and I prefer to have my performances programmed organically with as much human error and inconsistency from bar to bar as would be natural with a live performer. That said I’ll be using the Brio Ensemble patch as my go-to for latin percussion from now on!


Brio Mixer Panel

The Brio kontakt presets contain a mixer panel and an effects panel.

A nice added bonus is the addition of 2 chime tree instruments: a Bar Chimes Celesta & Bar Chimes GlissMaker.


Brio Percussion Ensemble contains congas, bongos, timbales, djembe, shakers and other small percussion including 2 Bar Chimes instruments. The library downloads as about 1GB and does require the full version of kontakt 4 or higher.

Brio Percussion Ensemble sells for $29 from Indiginus

Official Demos of Brio Percussion Ensemble

Official Videos of Brio Percussion Ensemble