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“My new favorite nylon string guitar library, Evolution Modern Nylon, continues Orange Tree’s tradition allowing users to transforms midi parts into credible performances. Modern Nylon’s presets sound fantastic and the strumming key switches as well as the wonderfully powerful STRUM engine take this instrument to the top of my list.”

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Evolution Modern Nylon

Evolution Modern Nylon sells for $179.00 (USD) from Orange Tree Samples


If you saw my review of Evolution Strawberry (electric guitar library) you know I am a big fan of the Evolution series guitar libraries from Orange Tree Samples. As a working composer who’s principle instrument is guitar, I have found it is much more efficient to work with midi triggering guitar sample libraries while scoring so that I can edit tempo/ time signature when needing to edit to new picture lock –  on a deadline with no time to re-track live guitar. The Evolution series solves this problem and Modern Nylon is a godsend with a crisp clear tone and a slew of useful great sounding “realistic” presets.

Evolution Modern Nylon Presets

Evolution Modern Nylon Presets

The tone of this classic / nylon string guitar library is clean and sampled dry so it can be shaped into a huge variety of tones from classical guitar to pop/rock guitar tracks to something with a latin-feel.

As I have mentioned before I am usually not a fan of using effects in kontakt but with the same great set of stomp boxs and amp modeling in Modern Nylon’s effects page as the other Evolution series instrument, I find them to do just the trick to add a little bit of delay, verb or some special effect to the instrument.

With the presets alone I was able to get some great sounds and the strumming key switches, as well as the wonderfully powerful STRUM engine take this instrument to the top of my list for Nylon string guitar libraries.

Evolution Modern Nylon Strum

Evolution Modern Nylon Strum

With Modern Nylon Orange Tree is able to use their fantastic pick modeling script adding a very live and realistic sound to performing with this instrument. I was curious as to the nice even tone that the instrument from low to hi.

As a guitar player myself I have often found picking vs finger picking produces different results across the string range when tracking Nylon stringed guitars in the past, so I asked Greg at Orange Tree how the instrument was recorded. He was kind enough to get back to me and let me know that the instrument was sampled by performances from guitarist Michael Dowdle and that he actually has a unique playing technique where he picks the lower strings for extra definition and the highest strings are played fingerstyle.

This is probably one of the little secrets that made me love the instrument so much seeing as how if I was recording lines with a nylon I would do the same thing to get even tone across the range of the instrument.

You can hear and see Michael Dowdle’s playing technique in action here:

Evolution Modern Nylon sells for $179.00 and I am comfortable saying it is my favorite nylon string guitar library.

Evolution Modern Nylon is avillable from from Orange Tree Samples


Evolution Modern Nylon is a nylon string ( classical spanish ) guitar virtual instrument for both the FREE and Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Evolution Modern Nylon Library is a Kontakt PLayer InstrumentEvolution Modern Nylon Library is a Kontakt Player Instrument

The samples of the instrument were recorded dry and make up 5GB (2.24 GB of compressed NCW) covering articulations such as palm muting, harmonics, hammer on, pull offs, grace notes and more. The instrument plays back with three dynamics including downstroke and upstroke pick directions with 2 round robin each.

Evolution Modern Nylon comes with 31 “snapshot” presets. The Strum engine comes with dozens of patterns, presets and the instrument allowing for the use of alternating keyswitchs for up/ down strumming while holding chords.

Evolution Modern Nylon uses physically modeled, pick modeling and comes with built-in effects with virtual stompboxes and amp/cab modeling.

– Individually sampled strings, powered by a performance modeled string/fret selection engine.
– Strum keys as well as complete strumming patterns.
– Instant double, triple, and quadruple tracking.
– Legato articulations, including slides.
– Alternate tunings and guitar capo.

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Golpe Airoso

Cafe Roma

Classically Trained

Nylon Stockings by Scott Yahney

Back On Track by Andrea Bellucci

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