Checking Out: Cinematic Toolkit Bundle by Audio Imperia


This bundle deal offers 3 of Audio Imperia’s boutique sound design libraries with (proven track records!) at this great price. The libraries sonic strengths and new upgraded Kontakt engine make them a “must-hear” for music makers looking to add a sci-fi edge to their work.

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UPDATE: I incorrectly stated that you couldn’t change the key. I overlooked the colored key switches in the very bottom of the negative keys in the Kontakt keyboard. This allows you to change the keys up or down across an octave. See image showing keyswitches in bottom left if Kontakt keyboard for pitch changes (below).

Checking Out: Cinematic Toolkit Bundle by Audio Imperia

This bundle offers a SFX Trifecta from Audio Imperia curated by Composer and Sound Designer Paul Ortiz. All three Audio Imperia boutique sound design libraries have been upgraded with Audio Imperia’s new Kontakt Engine and that is truly something to be excited about! Why?  Well. they were exceptional in their initial release. Now, presented with the new engine update including the Step Modulator’s smoother workflow and the Big Knob effects management, this bundle becomes a great toolkit for today’s composers who are working on trailers or scoring for a broad range of projects for underscore, sound design, and electronic music.

The Cinematic Toolkit Bundle is on special offer for €89.99 (reg €228.99) for a limited time from VSTBuzz