Composer Tools: 5 Tips for Programming Powerful Percussion & FREE Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion Logic Template


This episode of Composer Tools is sponsored by our friends at Orchestral Tools.

Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion gives you the triple-A composer’s very own drum collection—the exact same drums you heard in Mad Max: Fury Road, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and Godzilla vs. Kong. Often imitated and now duplicated, these drums offer unique playability, an exhaustive dynamic range, and insane volume.

Learn more about  Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion at Orchestral Tools.


Show Notes 

I am thrilled to share a new Composers Tools video with 5 Tips for Programming Powerful Percussion!

In this new video tutorial, I share 5 techniques I am using to get some amazing sounding percussion scores using the new Tom Holkenborg’s Percussion library.

Then I share a peek into my process of working up a cue with my speed writing technique. . . oh, and I have a FREE Tom Holkenborg Percussion Logic Template link in the video description for anyone who has the library and want to start working with it quickly!

Also of interest, See the SLR First Look video playing through all of the library’s instruments.