Review: Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments


Vertigo Violin is an experimental string ensemble library that is full of interesting organic atmospheres, pads and textures with tons of control as well as a custom sample engine that is sure to help any composers create their next cinematic soundscape.

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Review: Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments has once again created an inspiring, niche library for composers based on high-quality, raw violin recordings that are perfectly suited for a variety of atmospheric moments. Their unique layering approach, intuitive interface and detailed control, adds yet another level of value for this fantastic release. If you are a composer always looking for that next sound that inspires, check it out!

Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments  sells for $97.87 from at Plugin Boutique


Vertigo Violin is the newest orchestral library release from the veteran developer Cinematique Instruments that focuses on helping composers create their own organic and evocative soundscapes from scratch. Globally, the sample-set shares the same overall concept as their recent Vertigo Strings but with a smaller, more intimate approach. The collection includes numerous beautiful pads, atmospheres and textures, a ton of flexibility as well as detailed control over each individual source. Their powerful engine also enables users to quickly create their own string sound design and is a terrific option for those looking to add some more ‘life’ to their next track.

Vertigo Violin – Main GUI

The duo behind Cinematic Instruments (Rene Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck) began collaborating over 20 years ago with the intent of finding new, exciting audio material. They have always championed that ‘inspiration is the source of creativity’ and in this respect, Vertigo Violin is no different by capturing many rare sounds with loads of character. In this regard, Perhaps most noticeable, is the library’s absolutely stunning string tone and this is undoubtedly the core of the library’s ‘magic’. The developer also opted for a much more ‘natural’ approach which certainly adds to its overall charm and raw, human quality. It is effortless to create truly deep, rich sonic landscapes when starting with such great and deeply-sampled content.

With more than 400 samples in a single NKI patch, Vertigo Violin is broken down into 14 different ‘sound sources’ that cover a wide range of uncommon playing techniques or performances such as; ‘Fragile’ which is soft and delicate, Sul Pont, Harmonics, Random Bouncing and ‘Motion’ which crossfades between multiple articulations simultaneously. In addition, there are three ‘Resynthesized’ sources that feature the same sampled-content but running through several modular and guitar effects. The majority of these playing styles are also available with two or three distinct ensemble sizes that are comprised of 1, 3 and 4 performers. Having the capability to layer these into specific configurations or combinations is a lot of fun and definitely adds to the already robust sonic possibilities. It is this flexibility that allows Vertigo Violin to work well in multiple genres depending on any producer’s needs.

Vertigo Violin – Kontakt Library

To get started, Vertigo Violin comes loaded with 13 designed presets that are designed to get composers up and running quickly. These pre-designed patches are a great jumping off point for the uninitiated and serve to be a ‘ready-to-use’ inspiring tool. They cover a wide variety of styles well which are perfect for quiet underscore, creepy atmospheres, aggressive tension, and anything in between. What’s more, these should give new users a good idea of the library’s generally functionality in addition to some insight into learning how to build their own custom ensembles.

As well, Vertigo Violin contains some interesting added content in the form of their portamento patch with ‘true’ recordings of 4th and 5th intervals in both directions. This is an extremely hard to capture articulation with traditional legato programming methods, so having these pre-recorded is a great supplementary feature. More specifically, these are very effective for transitioning between different sections, layers, scenes or otherwise and blends seamlessly with the rest of the library’s content.

Vertigo Violin – Portamento Patch

With regards to the interface, Cinematique Instruments opted to again go with a straight-forward design that leaves the controls in the hands of users. Similar to Vertigo Strings, everything you need to get started is prominently displayed in the single Kontakt window. As with most atmospheric libraries, Vertigo Violins contains several controls and effects to shape the sound to your exact liking. Each of the individual layers contains their separate mixing channels that affect volume, tuning, panning, solo, etc. This is very helpful when trying to dial in the effects to match your artistic vision. The bottom of the GUI contains additional parameters for controlling attack, decay, tone, reverb, tape emulation, and so forth. If there is any minor gripe with the GUI, it is perhaps certain controls can be a bit brighter against the background, especially in situations wherein your studio is flooded with natural light. The randomizer is another one of the very useful devices that was borrowed from the Vertigo Strings release in 2018. The ‘Dice’ button, which is located at the bottom of the GUI is an easy-to-use tool for users to quickly try new combinations. It instantly assigns several layers, effects and audio parameters at random in order to create a completely new sonic combinations in literal seconds.

Vertigo Violin – GUI Guide

In simple terms, Vertigo Violin is an inspiring string ensemble library that includes high-quality recordings in an easy-to-use format that should fit any modern composer’s or producer’s workflow. It is an impressive option for softer atmospheric cues, evocative underscores, tension building sections or just adding some interesting motion to more static sustaining moments. The library breaths life into otherwise banal passages much like a real musician would while straddling the line between a traditional string library and a hybrid synthesizer. Ultimately, this real ensemble will absolutely add some interest to your next mock-up with a versatile, expressive sound that is sure to inspire. For any composer or producer finding their tracks lack emotion, Vertigo Violin fits the bill.


Vertigo Violin is a 520 MB download with 1 single NKI instrument and contains just over 400 individual samples. The library requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.8 Full or later; it will NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments  sells for $97.87 from at Plugin Boutique

Demos of Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments

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Contributor BenG reviews Vertigo Violin by Cinematique Instruments
“Vertigo Violin is an experimental string ensemble library that is full of interesting organic atmospheres, pads and textures with tons of control as well as a custom sample engine that is sure to help any composers create their next cinematic soundscape.”