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The Planet is an ambient guitar based sample library from Atom Hub which has me asking “Can a the creation of a sample library be art?”

Since first checking out The Planet I have used it in countless scores and tracks. Atom Hub’s sound design sensibilities coupled with the huge amount of instruments included and EXTREMELY LOW price point make this an SLR TOP PICK!.


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The Planet by Atom Hub

UPDATE July 24th 2016 as part of VI GUITAR WEEK

The Facts

The Planet was created from sampling and manipulating a semihollow body electric guitar played through a guitar synth a looper and various hardware fx units. The Planet contains a wide array of sounds with 88 single nki, 11 multi in 16 bit/44,1 kHz created from a mere 37 single wav files (148MB).

The interface has a flicker animation and was designed to look like a cockpit and contains controls for attack/release, filter, reverb, phase, delay and other FX mysteriously numbered with roman numerals on the buttons and switches.

The Planet works with Kontakt and above and requires the full version for unlimited use.

The Planet printscreen

My Thoughts

It’s not often I spend hours being inspired by a kontakt instrument that sells for under 10 Euros but that is exactly what happened with The Planet.

Mato Huba created The Planet after the warm reception from his “Lost Horizons” ambient instrument. The Planet was focused on a wide sound palette that is more focused on the experiential both in sound and controls, labeling the effects with strange names like: Babelevsky Conduit Centrifuge, Gravitational Lens Modulator and Exotic Rays Reflector so the instrument would be more “fun” to play with.

I have seen a few posts about the Atom Hub instruments on forums and groups where people refer to them as “weird” or “wacky” but I feel that is way to dismissive. Getting to know this instrument I finally had the words to summarize the way I feel about Atom Hub libraries in general. The Planet (as well as some of the other Atom Hub libraries) are “fringe” or “avantgarde” . . . sample libraries as art if you don’t mind me being so bold.

And like good art I was inspired. Sure some of the instruments sound like “nice” guitar pads but that was the exception in my experience. As a mater of fact I played my own review video a few times just to enjoy hearing the instrument playback again while I worked checking emails.


Official The Planet Demos