Review Tape XX by Audiowarp


Audiowarp is really good about creating libraries that work together with their other products and Tape XX is no exception. They achieve this by using the same recording and post-production methods to create a cohesive vibe between products.

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Review Tape XX by Audiowarp

Tape XX sells for $13.00 from Sampleism


I have always enjoyed reviewing new libraries and getting the opportunity to tinker around with settings to see what I can come up with. With Tape XX, customization is not an area of focus and it instead stands on the quality of its samples to carry the day. The library is tempo synced, allows you to play the samples in the right key, and does feature basic ADSR controls for a little bit of manipulation. Aside from this, what you get for $13.00 is truly outstanding.

This library features a nice selection of drones, drum loops, and 44 individual loops featuring bass, mallets, guitar, pads, and synths. This gives you a nice little toolset to get inspired by, but not enough of the variety needed to keep a whole song interesting. I think this library would get more mileage when used almost like an expansion for Audiowarp’s other libraries and it is definitely compatible since the same production methods used in their other products were also used for the recording of this library. I would definitely recommend this library to anyone looking to write Hip-hop or EDM music and who is looking for some new colors to add to their palette without breaking the bank in the process.


The library is approximately 700 MB
37 live drum loops
54 electronic drum loops
54 drones
44 individual sample loops
The full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 is required for this library.

Tape XX sells for $13.00 from Sampleism


Demos of Tape XX by Audiowarp

Videos of Tape XX by Audiowarp