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Triple Spiral Audio have an uncanny knack for making fantastic sounding synth soundsets. Their latest Omnisphere soundset, Singularity, is bursting at the seems with experimental, ambient and cinematic patches ready to inject character into your score. Trinity, which was the fuller sized previous release, oozes pristine cinematic quality from each patch. Both soundsets would be a great addition to any composers arsenal and these are the reasons why.

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Review: Singularity & Trinity by Triple Spiral Audio


Singularity contains 128 presets and 25 multis for Omnsiphere 2.6. These are curated from over 100 soundsources, both from Triple Spiral Audio and Spectrasonics. It’s always a joy to receive new sound sources from the developer as you know you are getting something truly unique. These sounds are experimental, ambient and electronic and all are production ready. Trinity weights in at 210 presets with a further 70 multis, also from Omnisphere 2.6. There are 77 new sound sources and this library is aimed more at the cinematic composer. Before writing this review, I spent several hours playing through the different patches and found inspiration throughout. To begin, let’s examine Singularity, the most recent release from Triple Spiral Audio.

Trinity sells for €39.63 & Singularity for €29.70 from Triple Spiral Audio


While playing through Singularity, I instantly resonated with the more eclectic and experimental presets. I really enjoy experimental composition and these presets really help unlock originality, inspiration and pave the way for many experimental compositions. When combined with the more ambient and melodic presets, you’ll find a soundset full of depth, variety and impeccable sound design. Here is what you can expect to find contained within Singularity.

Arp+Bpm – 19 Presets

The Arp+Bpm are staples of any soundset and here we are presented with a range of synth pulses, organic arpeggios, and general madness. These are great for giving your compositions movement or an injection of unpredictability. I love how a quirky yet haunting patch like “Antoala” can become tense, dissonant and mysterious depending on how many keys you are playing. The series of five Highway presets are an electronic delight and absolutely perfect for building tension scenes. All presets have something interesting going on with the modwheel be it opening the filter or adding distortion.

Bells and Vibes – 4 Presets

We are presented with four Bells and Vibes presets, all of which are haunting and cinematic. These would be perfect for horror scoring, ambience of any cues that require a certain air of mystique about them. A personal favourite was “Just a Memory” with it’s haunting resonance and euphoric ambience.

Ethnic and World – 7 Presets

Here, you’ll find seven presets that verge on more of the unsettling and experimental. Various ethnic hits have been combined with reverbs, noise and delays to create some effective atmospheric patches.

Guitars – 6 Presets

Immediately upon loading the first of the six guitar presets, you are transported into a world of ambient guitars. These are not in your face, yet delicate and atmospheric. The three “creations” are a mixture of chorus and delayed guitars, drenched in angelic reverbs. The remaining three patches are far more experimental yet provide excellent melodic content.

Human Voices – 9 Presets

The human voices are exceptional. They create instant atmosphere and are comprised mainly of textures as opposed to phrases or solo voices. For example, “Eldors House” has a haunting glass instrument accompanied by raspy male vocals and an angelic choir pad. Another highlight patch is “The Wrong Memory” which features ominous basses with a Gregorian choir.

Hybrid Organic – 8 Presets

The Hybrid Organic category features eight presets which are squarely aimed at the cinematic. Several of these are named “Chapter” and would easily find a place in modern cinematic scores.

Keyboards – 7 Presets

The Keyboards in Singularity range from ambient keys, to more sinister keys and even some lo-fi instruments. They all sound fantastic as melodic instruments or in the lower registers when creating sinister drones and atmospheres.

Noisescapes – 8 Presets

There are eight presets in the Noisescapes categories which are called “Broken Toys” I to VIII. These are extremely experimental but not so atonal or out there that they can’t be used effectively.

Organs – 4 Presets

The organs again sound extremely cinematic and one of my favourite patches “Watching The Moon” is to be found here. This a great example of an inspiring single patch using an organ, choir and baritone guitar to create something magical.

Pads + Strings – 12 Presets

This category is most likely the other backbone of any Omnipshere soundset. Triple Spiral Audio always make exceptional pads and strings and these 12 presets are no exception. Each and every preset here is cinematic and full of character. From the gentle electronic static of “Black Stone” to the euphoria of “Curious”, you’ll find a great backdrop for your next cue.

Synths – 31 Presets

The various synth categories make up the bulk of the sound set and they are dripping with analogue and digital goodness. These range from the sublime and atmospheric to more aggressive and in your face sound design.

Textures – 14 Presets

The combined Textures Playable and Textures Soundscapes clock in at 14 presets. These are all rich in character and atmosphere with the soundscapes showing off the soundset’s experimental side.

In conclusion, I found Singularity to be of extreme high quality and provide a lot of utility. Should you want to create mystery, ambient, cinematic or just downright experimental music, this soundset really does contain everything you’d need. Each patch has been expertly designed with the exceptional quality that we have come to expect from Triple Spiral Audio. For the working composer, these sounds would extend your musical palette and there is no other soundset quite like it in terms of diversity and range. When you add the included multis into the mix, you have enough here to keep you busy composing for months!



Trinity is a much bigger soundset with 210 patches and 70 multis. The Trinity soundset is about the Sun (light ambient sounds), Moon (dark, cinematic sounds) and the Earth (mellow + moving sounds). It has been designed with “live mode” in mind by using keyswitches to change between different sounds. Each preset has an A, B or C layer or version which can be played individually or combined with live mode.

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The concept it really interesting and in practice it works extremely well. There is of course nothing to stop you layering these different sounds regardless of you using live mode or not. There are an additional 30 presets that can be used in stack mode.

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This sound set is aimed at the more cinematic composer and is great for creating anything from subtle underscore to big, actioned packed pulsing compositions. With the different variety of playing options you can create a huge range of timbres, motions and ambiences. Here is what you can expect to find in Trinity.

Arp + BPM – 82 Presets

The main part of the sound set are the Arp + BPM patches. These range anywhere from dark ambient pulses to ripsnorting hybrid action basslines and arpeggios. Several of the presets have A, B and C versions and you can hear how the preset has been crafted from one variation to the next. These are versatile, easy to use and ust sound fantastic.

Bells and Vibes – 10 patches

Like Singularity, these 10 bells and vibes ooze atmosphere and ambience. They are perfect for creating haunting melodies or adding a ghostly presence to your scores.

Bowed Colours, Distorted and Ethnic World – 19 Presets

Across these three categories, there are a total of 19 presets which are all variations of previous layers. These add the colour and complexity to the other layers and combine to create gorgeous soundscapes and evolving motion.

Keyboards – 3 Presets

Each of the three keyboards are stunning and despite there being only three, I easily lost a hour just improvising. These are stunning.

Pads + Strings – 21 Presets

Again, you’ll find some alternate layers of other presets found within the pads and strings. Each of these are instant atmosphere from dark cinematic ambience to full, in your face euphoria. Upon the turn of the modwheel, the sounds morph and evolve even further.

Synths – 37 Presets

As per Singularity, the synths are one of the main highlights of Trinity. From basses, delays, plucks to ambient sweeps, the synth section holds a sheer amount of high-quality cinematic diversity. It would be very easy to base a whole composition based upon the synth content alone of Trinity.

Textures – 38 Presets

Finally the textures sections hold 38 atmospheric, ambient and just wonderful soundscapes. Once again the programming is top notch with each preset being production ready. A great tool to have in anyone’s sonic palette.

Trinity is clearly extremely well crafted and the concept of the sun, moon, and earth is certainly fitting. The idea of stacking various layers to form one cohesive sound is excellent. This isn’t just a library where different parts are put together to make different multis, each layer has been thought out and programmed to compliment each other. The result is a comprehensive, thematic and cinematic soundset of the highest quality.

In conclusion, Triple Spiral Audio have once again proven they are ahead of the curve when producing detailed, well-crafted and ultimately extremely versatile soundset for Omnisphere. Both Singularity and Trinity have easily fit into my workflow and I really look forward to explore more of what they have to offer.


Both soundsets require Omnisphere 2.6.

Singularity has 125 presets and 25 multis.

Trinity has 210 presets with 70 multis and 20 stacks.

Trinity sells for €39.63 & Singularity for €29.70 from Triple Spiral Audio


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Contributor Pete Checkley reviews Singularity

Trinity by Triple Spiral Audio
Triple Spiral Audio have an uncanny knack for making fantastic sounding synth soundsets. Their latest Omnisphere soundset, Singularity, is bursting at the seems with experimental, ambient and cinematic patches ready to inject character into your score. Trinity, which was the fuller sized previous release, oozes pristine cinematic quality from each patch. Both soundsets would be a great addition to any composers arsenal and these are the reasons why.”