Review: Jaeger UPDATE 1.2 by Audio Imperia


Update 1.2 makes Jaeger the best all-around, all-in-one sample library for epic and thunderous (but also soft, if you need) cinematic music!

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Review: Jaeger UPDATE 1.2 by Audio Imperia

This review is an update to the original, in-depth, Jaeger v1.1 review. It is meant to quickly cover the importance of Jaeger’s 1.2 update which brings a lot of new features to this outstanding library. For a more technical and comprehensive overview, check out the previous installment!

Jaeger Version 1.2 sells for $599.00 from Audio Imperia


Audio Imperia’s Jaeger has been one of the most incredible releases that the sample library industry has recently had the pleasure of being graced by. The original library already was an outstanding product that covered an insane amount of the cinematic composer’s needs, from the thunderous and epic brass section to the inspiring, ethereal solo voice or the awesome sound design department; you really could do pretty much everything in the trailer/action/epic genre with one library (and JUST 25 GB of disk space). But, aiming for the top of Sample Library Olympus, the Audio Imperia guys went the extra mile to deliver a free update for their flagship library, making it (in my humble opinion) the BEST choice for modern – and slightly hybrid – orchestral music.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the full list of new features and tweaks that v1.2 brings to the table:

– Added new legato unison interval samples for all legato instruments. Feature triggered when sustain pedal is ON
-Added strings non-vibrato samples and non-vibrato instrument patches
– Added ensemble samples and ensemble instrument patches
– Added velocity based polyphonic legato
– Added Sustain pedal support
– Added Stereo Spread and Reverse parameters on Sound Design engine
– Release samples de-noised and sample starts adjusted for all instruments
– Loop on sustained instruments now use equal power crossfades
– New percussion engine for percussion instruments
– Huge improvements in release samples behaviour
– Release Samples not affected by dynamics after release
– Fixed non-persistent controllers issue
– Individual patches optimized and faster loading times
– 36.2 GB installed (from about 25 GB in version 1.1)

As you can see, the update brings more than 10 GB of new content to the library as well as fixes and optimizations to the engine. Starting from the fixes, one of the “cons” of v1.1 was that the releases (sometimes) added unwanted sounds. In v1.2 all release samples were de-noised and their behaviour improved, as they won’t be affected by dynamics after note release. Sample start has also been adjusted, bringing even more tightness to the sound of the amazing (and already super punchy) articulations. These two fixes alone bring the library to a whole new level, making the user experience a bliss and removing those annoying, unexpected and unresponsive behaviours that, sometimes, a library can have.

Besides these important improvements, the new content comprehends non-vibrato samples and instrument patches for the strings, a new engine for percussion instruments derived from the standalone percussion library Cerberus and, last but not least, the Stereo Spread and REVERSE parameters on the sound design engine. We all know how important it is to reverse samples and manipulate the stereo field in sound design and this brings a lot of new opportunities as well as new, built-in tools to the library, filling the need of more whoosh and risers – which I felt were missing – by letting you make your own with reversed samples!

But now it’s time to consider the new feature that is, hands down, a game changer for this library. While most all-in-one libraries offer either section ensembles (e.g. String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, etc.) or instruments ensembles (e.g. Violin Ensemble, Horns Ensemble, etc.) Jaeger now offers both. The introduction of full Ensembles and having – at the same time – individual instruments, is what makes Jaeger non-comparable (at least to this day) to any other “all-in-one” library. The addition of polyphonic, velocity based legato, the sustain pedal support, as well as new unison interval samples for legato instruments (triggered when sustain pedal is ON) are the cherry on the pie. The use of equal power crossfades for the loops on sustained notes brings more naturalness to the sound, avoiding the synth-ish feeling that I noticed in v1.1 on the Celli patch. You may think that these new features can slow down Jaeger, making it a “bigger” library but… no! All these extra goodies have also been highly optimized and the patches load even faster!

While, before this update, Jaeger was considered by many a library for advanced users (both for its price and its features) the version 1.2 broadens the spectrum of composers that might want to add it to their sonic palette. It doesn’t really matter what category you fall into: loading a lite or ensemble patch for quick sketching on a portable setup (such as mid/high range laptops with 16 GB or RAM and reduced disk space/cpu) or opening the full patch of every single instrument and layer it with other libraries for a hyper-realistic mock-up on a NASA super computer… you can now do both with Jaeger.

Overall, version 1.2 gives Jaeger a longer “lifespan”, suiting the beginner composer with user friendly Ensemble patches while also providing more powerful tools for detailed writing as your skills demand more advanced instruments.

For the full Jaeger v1.1 review read the previous installment!


Jaeger version 1.2 adds 10 GB of content to the 25 GB of the core library. It downloads via Continuata Connect for a total of 36.2GB of data and requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1.

Jaeger Version 1.2 sells for $599.00 from Audio Imperia


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Contributor Andrea Federici reviews Jaeger UPDATE 1.2 by Audio Imperia
“Update 1.2 makes Jaeger the best all-around, all-in-one sample library for epic and thunderous (but also soft, if you need) cinematic music!”