First Look: Sculptor Epic Drops by Gothic Instruments


For those about to Drop we salute you! Gothic Instruments are back with what may very well be my favorite Sculptor library – Epic Drops – with some great samples, lots of controls and some really nice curated presets.


Mentioned in this video:

Music of Marie-Anne Fischer

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First Look: Sculptor Epic Drops by Gothic Instruments

In this first look video, I take a look & listen to what Gothic Instrument’s latest Sculptor instrument, Epic Drops, has to offer. I really enjoyed listening through the presets and think this is a fine, yet extremely focused sample set.

The library downloads as 958 MB and was created to allow users to create “Epic-Sounding” Drops for Trailers scores & electronic music.

Sculptor Epic Drops comes with over 80 NKI Presets organized about 8 Folders in a wide range of categories. Personal highlights when checking out the instrument are the “Mod” Nkis with pre-designated modwheel contols for Gate/Distortion and a really nice set of curated Guest Presets which seem to have a more defined sensibility.

Sculptor Epic Drops does require the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher.

SCULPTOR Epic Drops normally sells for £45.79 from Time+Space

Existing Sculptor owners check the page for details on the loyalty discount of 40%.


Demos of Sculptor Epic Drops

Videos of Sculptor Epic Drops