Composer Danny Cocke’s Weird & Wonderful VI Guitar Guest Pick: Leo Abrahams Enigma by Spirfire Audio


Celebrating VI Guitar Week we reached out to a few composers and friends to share their TOP PICKs for Guitar Virtual Instruments.

Composer Danny Cocke‘s stays very busy scoring trailers for some of the biggest blockbuster films. He took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us about his favorite Weird & Wonderful VI Guitar: Leo Abrahams  Enigma by Spitfire Audio

“My second goto would be the Spitfire Enigma library by Leo Abrahams.”


“I love all of the wonderful weirdness that the library gives you in plenty, but I especially love one particular delay guitar patch that is so close in tone to my custom fender strat and vox that I was use it to sketch with. I can get the single picked delay guitar sound I often use as well as the tremelo picking I do a lot that has a brilliant ambience and smear with another patch called “coin guitar”

Official Enigma Playthrough


Leo Abrahams Enigma sells for £99 at Spirfire Audio


“I have to also acknowledge the SpitFire Joey Santiago library as a close runner up, It’s super rad for awesomely weird and raw guitar sounds! I’ve been using it to make a lot of ambient pads and pulses out of lately.”

Joey Santiago sells for £199 at Spirfire Audio

Review of Joey Santiago by Spitfire Audio