Checking Out: Assault by Sample Logic (currently 83% OFF)


Assault makes an impact!

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Checking Out Assault by Sample Logic

Assault sells for $299.99 from Sample Logic


Assault makes an impact! It’s not just the bad-ass interface that got me excited. Checking out the library was pleasantly surprised with the sample set. I think I am going to get a lot more usage out of the library than I expected going in. It’s a very aggressive set of sound design and a pretty big collection (over 850 nkis) Even though the library does only weigh in at 1GB it feels more like 4-5GB library with all of NKIs which have been curated with effects, arpeggios and triggers. And the couple dozen multis give you an idea of just how much use you can get out of using the library to construct your own underscore.


Assault offers up an array of industrial-esq hits, impacts, gun shots, risers, falls and beats and even though the library was released 3 years ago it holds up really nicely. In my opinion the vast majority of the instrument is still relevant and doesn’t sound dated. Especially when I compare it to some of my 3-4 year old impact libraries that just sound like a “transformer” puked in a bucket – which I am tending to steer clear of now that it is a bit dated and passe.


Assault will best serve composers who are working on video and mobile game design as well as those seeking trailer tools or special effects for sci-fi sounds. Although I do think the library will also benefit those composers like myself who like to work in that electro-hybric industrial orchestra style.



Assault comes with over 850 Instruments and Multis recorded and processed at 48k/24-bit, delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.
It downloads as just under 1 GB using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression.
Assault is a Kontakt 5 Player instrument and compatible with both the full and free version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Assault sells for $299.99 from Sample Logic


Official Demos of ASSAULT

Official Demos of ASSAULT