Westwood Instruments announce Violin Untamed


Westwood Instruments has announced Violin Untamed. The library is on a special into price until December 22, 2019.

More info from the developer below.

“VIOLIN UNTAMED is a solo violin library with the idea that samples should sound like a performance.”

At the heart of the instrument is our unique Improvised articulation; a series of evolving and improvised notes. This sounds like a musician taking your composition and adding an individual direction and human performance.

Performed at 3 different intensities; the quietest layer is subtle and delicate, the medium layer brings more emotion and character, whilst the loudest layer sounds wild, intense and often chaotic. They sound beautiful alone as individual notes or even more compelling when played as chord progressions.

With 8 other standard and extended articulations included, all performed with the same philosophy, VIOLIN UNTAMED is a Kontakt library for the composer that wants to sound unpolished, raw and human.

For all details visit the official Violin Untamed page at Westwood Instruments


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