Luftrum release Lunaris 2 Kontakt Player Instrument


Luftrum has released Lunaris 2 a sequel to their popular Lunaris release from 2017. Lunaris 2  is a Kontakt Player Instruments billed as “Unparalleled Pads” The library is available now for $129 but owners of the original library can upgrade adding Lunaris 2 for just $39.

Note that upgrading from Lunaris requires a valid Lunaris serial registered in Native Access. Upgrading does not overwrite Lunaris but will install Lunaris 2 as a separate product side-by-side with Lunaris. The Lunaris 2 upgrade path will not work without a valid and registered Lunaris serial.

Sample Library Review contributor Raborn Johnson had reviewed the original release of Lunaris which you can read here.

More details and demos from the developer below.

For years Lunaris has continually reaffirmed itself as the industry standard for synth pads, for that is what Lunaris 2 is all about – pads and pads only. From analog pads to digital pads, string pads, cinematic pads, 80s-inspired pads, immersive ambient pads to everything in between.



Explore deep space pads that take you to the outer reaches of the cosmos, rewind back to the 80s for some technicolor fare, and lose yourself among crystalline wavetable textures that sparkle like starlight.
Lunaris 2 makes it easy to mix and match sound sources for instantly gratifying results. Sculpt and morph between the synth pads using the XY pad.

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