Virtual Acoustic Guitar Showdown: Orange Tree Samples Evolution Kontakt Instruments Compared


When it came time to choose which virtual guitar instrument would support my new ‘Gothic Swamp Rock’ track, I knew this was a prime opportunity for a Virtual Acoustic Guitar Showdown!

Evolution Acoustic Guitar Showdown

This week I have been working on an alternative gothic-swamp-rock track (yep that is the brief!). I knew I better create the entire track with midi and tempo sync’d in case things change up in the final edit so I am going to be using virtual instruments.

I need to try to get the guitar to blend into the mix and find the perfect acoustic guitar sound to work with the music. Since I have all 4 of Orange Tree Samples Evolution Acoustic Guitar libraries for Kontakt, I decided it was time for a SHOWDOWN!

In the video, I will be playing through the same strumming pattering using the Evolutions’ Strum Engine. Listening back for character, frequency response and making a decision on which instrument works best for the music.

Now the Evo Steel Strings has been my go-to for a couple years with it’s Martin Guitar sample set. I have a real Martin guitar and the Evo Steel Strings sample set delivers a classic and warm sound. But the last 2 Orange Tree Samples virtual acoustic guitars I have reviewed have blown me away.

While the Evo Songwriters delivers a full, rounded sound (courtesy of it’s of the legendary Gibson J-45 sample set ) the Flatpick 6 (sampled Coal Creek GUitar) seems to deliver a highly polished and professional studio sound.  I’ll through the 12 string in the mix just for kicks. Check out hte video to see which one wins this showdown!

I’ll include SLR Review headlines, links and of course links to the developer below if you want to learn more about these libraries.


Evolution Steels Strings by Orange Tree Samples

“My go-to acoustic guitar library, Evolution Steel Strings, has a beautiful tone thanks to it’s Martin sample set, amazing strumming options and an extensive set of presets. It shines with the Evolution engine’s scripting and physical modeling.”

See the full SLR Review of Evolution Steels Strings

Learn more about Evolution Steels Strings at Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Songwriter by Orange Tree Samples

“I might be starting to sound like a skipping record because each of Orange Tree Samples Evolution libraries becomes my new “favorite”. Evolution Songwriter IS my new favorite from the developer with great tone, amazing controls, and a continuation of advanced features added to the engine!”

See the full SLR Review of Evolution Songwriter

Learn more about Evolution Songwriter at Orange Tree Samples


Evolution Jumbo 12 by Orange Tree Samples

“The detail, playability, and realism are what made me push everything else off my calendar to share a down and dirty first look at the new Evolution Jumbo 12 from Orange Tree Samples. This deep sampled 12 string guitar library for Kontakt sounds amazing and comes with all the advanced benefits and functionality of OTS’s Evolution Engine.”

See the full SLR Review of Evolution Jumbo 12

Learn more about Evolution Jumbo 12 at Orange Tree Samples


Evolution FlatPick 6 from Orange Tree Samples

“Evolution FlatPick 6 has a great sound and will be a wonderful addition if you’re looking to add some Americana feel to music or scores. The engine offers so many options for adjustments you may find yourself using pulling up FlatPick 6 for all your acoustic guitar needs.”
See the full SLR Review of Evolution FlatPick 6

Learn more about Evolution FlatPick 6 at Orange Tree Samples