Time Travel Tools Part 1 & 2: Vintage & Retro Instruments and Plugins


Sample Library Review is celebrating all things Vintage and Retro in this series of posts. Time Travel Tools will cover reviews, Freebies, and “Checking Out” videos of sample libraries, virtual instruments & plugins that transport listeners to another time.

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Time Travel Tools Part 1

Composers for film TV and games have the power to excite, delight and fright. An overlooked ability composer have is the ability use our skills for time travel. So weather you’re looking to go back a thousand of years or just a couple decades, in this post we are taking a look at some of the time travel tools that have made our radar.

When we think of the 70’s we think of some very specific sounds. The birth of disco, funk, smooth jazz, and soul. There are no shortage of virtual instruments around today to capture the essence of this era but one developer has focused on capturing a complete set of tools to recreate the sounds from this time period. Funk Should Productions/Big Fish Audio have a complete set of Vintage Strings , Vintage Horns and a personal favorite the Vintage Rhythm Section which could provide you with everything you need to whisk your listener away to the 70s.

If you’re looking to take the train to Funk Town, developer VIBE has a construction Kit that will do the trick. Funk Force 5 is one of those libraries I instantly fell in love with. Purists beware this is a collection of construction kits made of loops – other might say the set of wha-wha guitar loops alone are worth the cost of entry.

Fans of Classic Keyboards and Spitfire Audio’s eDNA engine will rejoice at the intersection of vintage and modern.  North 7 Vintage Keys is a deep-sampled set of Electric Pianos, a Wurlitzer, and a Clavinet. The library shines with the kind of exceptional sampling we expect from Spitfire Audio housed in their hybrid eDNA engine. See our Review of North 7 Vintage Keys by Spitfire Audio.

Those looking to jump back to the 60s or 70s and add a little of that vintage sound without breaking the bank will be interested in Dream Audio Tools’ LFO Piano. The warm and raw sample set comes from a classic Rhodes MkII Electric Piano recorded through a handmade analog cabinet and comes with both tremolo on and off options. In the Checking Out video I do my best to make Stevie Wonder proud.

If you are looking to travel back to the 60s, few instruments say “FREE LOVE” like a sitar. Orange Tree Samples new Evolution Sitardelic is housed in the Evolution engine and comes with a collection of sculpted presets. Though very much containing that electric “sitar” sound, the library is surprisingly versatile, doing much more than just conjuring thought of flower power.

We’ve covered a number of 8bit Chip-Tune instruments in the past in our episode of “5 UNDER 8Bit/Chiptune” but nothing holds a candle to Impact Soundworks‘ Super Audio Cart.

Super Audio Cart is the Godfather of all 8bit chip-tune libraries. The library was created by extensive sampling every note and sound of 8 retro game consoles. This collection will completely cover all your nostalgic video game sound needs.


Time Travel Tool: Vintage & Retro Instruments and Plugins Links

REVIEW: Vintage Strings by Funk Soul Productions/ Big Fish Audio

REVIEW: Vintage Rhythm Section by Funk Soul Productions/ Big Fish Audio

REVIEW: North 7 Vintage Keys by Spitfire Audio

CHECKING OUT: LFO Piano by Dream Audio Tools

CHECKING OUT: Funk Force 5 by VIBE

REVIEW: Evolution Sitardelic by Orange Tree Samples

FEATURE: 5 UNDER 8Bit/Chiptune

REVIEW: Super Audio Cart by Impact Soundworks

FREE: Commodore 64 Sessions Deluxe from Rhythmic Robot


Time Travel Tools Part 2

Time Travel Tool Part 2: Vintage & Retro Instruments and Plugins Links

GUEST PICK: Composer Evan Evans Guest Pick The Trumpet V3 from Sample Modeling

CHECKING OUT: Contemporary Vintage Drums by Chocolate Audio

CHECKING OUT: Heatwave, Dust Road & Neon Dream Massive presets by Mode Audio

REVIEW: V Collection by Arturia 

REVIEW: Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds Vol.1 & 2 from Rhythmic Robot

REVIEW: Vintage Upright (Piano) by Simple Sam Samples

FREE:  Vinyl Plugin by iZotope



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