The Trailer Bundle by Audio Imperia


With a collection of 4 Kontakt instruments designed by working trailer composers, Audio Imperia’s Trailer Bundle lets you collaborate with some of the top working sound designers in the trailer world. A great bundle at an incredible discount price.

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The Trailer Bundle by Audio Imperia

Last week Audio Plugin Deals ‘The Trailer Bundle’ by Audio Imperia. For a limited time you can save 69% off this featured deal.

‘The Trailer Bundle’ is comprised of four sound design libraries including:
Scenes from the Multiverse Vol 1, “Shredder Volume 1, Traveler Aurus & Trailer Guitars Volume 1. These libraries were created by Audio Imperia and designed by working trailer composers as tools for modern trailer sound design and action scoring. All libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt.

‘The Trailer Bundle’ sells for $99.99 from Audio Plugin Deals


In this first look, I do a quick preset playthrough for those who are curious as to what the libraries sounds like out of the box. The Trailer Bundle is made up of four libraries for Kontakt by Audio Imperia.

Scenes From The Multiverse Interface

“Scenes From The Multiverse” is a part of Audio Imperia’s cinematic tool kit series.  It was specifically designed for modern action /superhero movies a la Marvel Avengers, Spiderman etc. This library was designed by Australian composer and sound designer Joshua Crispin. Joshua is well known in the Trailer scoring world as Generdyn and has hundreds of trailer credits including music for the Ant-Man TV Spot trailer, the Terminator Genisys trailer, the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, the San Andreas trailer and the E3 trailer for SOMA.

I have been using this one since it first came out and the booms are some of my favorites.  Scenes From The Multiverse normally sells for $59 from Audio Imperia.

Shredder Volume 1 Interface

“Shredder Volume 1″ is billed as an “In-your-face”  electronic, synths and effects library. It was designed for modern action campaigns with electronic music. I hadn’t had a chance to check this one out so I was excited to do so. Overall, I think it has some great sounds and I will be turning to it for my next trailer score.

Shredder Volume 1 normally sells for $65 from Audio Imperia


Trailer Guitars Volume 1 Interface

Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars Volume 1 library was a favorite from when I first reviewed it (see Review here).  I got swept up in the textures and the tones and inspired me to start writing right away.

The library includes over 150 carefully crafted sounds in the categories of “Ebow Tension”, “In Space” (Ambient Sounds), “Motors” (Rhythmic Loops and FX), and “Rings & Stings”  all created by trailer composer Danny Cocke.

We have seen a real boom in the amount of “celebrity” libraries and I think having a tool like Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars allows you to “virtually” work with a top-level composer and sound designer. This is so valuable for both inspiration and tight deadline productions.

Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars Volume 1 downloads as just over 1 GB, require the full version of Kontakt and normally sells for $75 from Audio Imperia.


Traveler Aurus was created by sound designer Dylan Jones.  This engine is specifically made with sound design in mind and was one of the first of Audio Imperia’s libraries to incorporate the engine that all of the libraries in The Trailer Bundle are now housed in.

SLR Editor Brian Brylow reviewed Traveler Aurus when it first came out saying “it takes us on a conceptual astral journey to Planet Aurus and doesn’t disappoint. Users will find awesome souvenirs of the sights and sounds with this collection of atmospheres and textures all housed in Audio Imperia’s new engine.” (see review here)


Traveler Aurus contains over 500 samples packaged into 20 Kontakt presets divided into Atmospheres & Drones (tonal and atonal),  Pads & Synths, Pulses and Rhythms. The library installed is sized at 4.21 GB and requires a full Native Instruments Kontakt.

Traveler Aurus normally sells for $119 from Audio Imperia


The Trailer Bundle downloads as 7.8GB and contains over 1,300 samples both inside custom Kontakt Instruments as well as delivered as high definition audio (48/24 Wav files).

The Trailer Bundle does requires the full retail version of Kontakt.

‘The Trailer Bundle’ sells for $99.99 from Audio Plugin Deals


Demos of ‘The Trailer Bundle’ by Audio Imperia


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