The Chordophones from Frozen Plain


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In this quick Review of the The Chordophones from FrozenPlain we take a look this plucked and hammered string instrument for kontakt and take a listen at the rhythmic and arpeggiated sounds the instrument produces.


The Chordophones from FrozenPlain

The Chordophones is a set of 6 individually controlled hammered and plucked string instruments. It’s playback can very from something similar to a dulcimer or guitar-like to more textural sustained pad sound. The instrument contains 6 layers of sample playback that are easily mixed on the interfaces front panel.

The Chordophones from Frozen Plain

The Chordophones uses Frozen Plain previously released “Ancient Chordophone” and “Hammered Chordophone” instrument samples and incorporates them into the developers new library engine.

The interface a built in arpeggiator and gives you access to an ADSR as well as a collection of 28 custom IR for verb. The library comes with 9 nki presets made of 3 or 4 round robin on up to 2 velocity layers and requires the full version of Kontakt.




The Effects Engine

The instrument features the FrozenPlain Effects Engine v2.0 which contains an arpeggiator, reverb, atomise, echo & so much more. Sure most kontakt libraries include some effects, but Frozen Plain have added such a wealth of standard effects you would expect and then taken it a few steps further with an Atomise, Strum and Scatter effects which transform the playback into something completely different.

The Chordophones from Frozen Plain Effects Page

The Chordophones from Frozen Plain Effects Page

The Chordophones is so much more than just another dulcimer like instrument. It fun to play and the variation you can get from tweaking out the parameters will have you finding just the sound you’re looking for. Now I mentioned this before in my review of Frozen Plains Arctic Strings, but the Effects Engine 2.0 is wonderful! this is the icing on the cake of the Frozen Plains line up!

The Chordophones is available from Frozen Plain for $35.00



Official Demos of The Chordophones from FrozenPlain

Official Videos of The Chordophones from FrozenPlain