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Symphony Series Brass Collection

Symphony Series Brass Collection (SSB) is a bundle which contains the SSB ENSEMBLE and SSB SOLO instruments. Soundiron created the libraries with a partnership with Native Instruments.

The SSB Solo contains 30 kontakt instruments while the SSB Ensemble holds 38 kontakt instruments all of which are made up of over 45,000 samples.

The libraries are compatible with both the FULL version of Kontakt and the FREE Kontakt Player.

The patches in the Symphony Series Brass Ensemble library were captured by sampling a 32-piece brass ensemble including Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, and Tuba sections.

The Symphony Series Brass Solo library contains soloist for First Horn, Second Horn, Bb Trumpet, Tenor Trombone and Bass Tuba soloists. The Ensemble and Solo libraries each include over 100 articulations.

In addition SSB has been developed to take advantage of the Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards.

Symphony Series Brass is part of the Native Instruments Symphony Series line. It is not included in Komplete or Komplete Ultimate.
If you own Komplete, you’re eligible for a great cross-grade rebate from Native Instruments when you order Symphony Series Brass Collection.

The Symphony Series Brass Collection is available from Native Instruments


The Performance Page

The Symphony Series Brass as a Collection keeps a nearly identical GUI and control parameters from Solo to Ensemble patches. The performance page of each Solo or Ensemble kontakt patch visually shows you the articulation you have loaded . The articulation types are color coded to show you which kind of articulation you have in each bank. Any of the available articulations for each patch can be loaded into one of the 8 banks.

Each of the banks corresponds to a key switch to make it easy to jump between articulations. and can be that can be designated to gives you controls for Attack, Release



Symphony Series Brass Ensemble Performance Page

The controls for Attack, Release, Tightness are easily midi-learn assignable while the Dynamics is controlled via the modwheel.

The main performance page aslo has controls for Legato, Repetition (with attack and speed controls). The only differences between the GUI of the Solo vs the Ensemble patches are that while the Ensemble instruments have a Motion to allows you to add movement to the sound, the Solo instruments have a vibrato control.


Symphony Series Brass Solo Performance Page

Symphony Series Brass Solo Performance Page

The Articulations

The Symphony Series Brass Collection contains 100 fully-playable chromatic articulations and 59 effects recorded with true legato and up to eight round robins and extended ranges including true legato, a variety of sustain types, round-robin staccato with multiple staccato tonguings, trills, sforzandos, swells, crescendos, decrescendos, ultra-forte blasts, muted articulations.

The articulations page is easily accessed from the Performance page and allows you to select one of the 100 articulations for each articulation bank. Options to change articulations via keyswitch or Midi CC give you flexibility.


Symphony Series Brass Articulations Page

The kontakt instruments also contain a number of brass effects including clusters, sweeps, falls, risers, stabs, stingers, valve noises and more.

The Mixer Page

The Mixer Page allows access to four discrete mic positions a Stereo, Close, Mid and Far microphone positions each with separate pan and volume controls. The Mixer page also gives you access to the included EQ, Reverb, Compressor and Filter.

Symphony Series Brass Ensemble MIxer Page

Symphony Series Brass Ensemble MIxer Page


The Ensemble Section Page

Both the SSB Solo and Ensemble libraries come with an Ensemble patch that allows you to play all of the instruments across one keyboard. The Ensemeble patch has controls for designating payback key range for each instrument as well as panning and volume.


Be sure and check out the Official Symphony Series Brass official SSB walkthroughs and tutorials to get all the details.

Final Thoughts

The Symphony Series Brass is cinematic, expressive and uncompromising in quality and control. As a former low brass player I would have loved to have played in an ensemble that sounded this good. SSB is a real pleasure to work with and if it is lacking in anyway from what Soundiron & Native Instruments set out to deliver, I could not find one flaw.

In just the couple days I spent learning about the instrument to work up the review I was astounded by the control, epic sound quality of the 8 piece sections and HUGE amount of options for articulations.

In my opinion The Symphony Series Brass is an excellent choice for your core brass library and I am excited to use it in my next composition.

The Symphony Series Brass Collection is available from Native Instruments



Official Demos of Symphony Series Brass Collection

Official Videos of Symphony Series Brass Collection