Spark Gap from Rhythmic Robot


Review Spark Gap from Rhythmic Robot: we take a look at what comes with the sample library and play through a few of the sounds that make up this unique instrument.

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Spark Gap

Spark Gap is an instrument for kontakt created by sampling a 1920s voltage-driven instrument/experiment using a tuning fork which creates tone when activated and acts as a perpetual resonator.

Spark Gap is available from Rhythmic Robot for £16.00


Spark Gap contains an ADSR the ability to add in additional tone through the Sine control which injects a pure sine wave to tuning fork tone.
The instrument contains both a High- and Low-pass filter as well as a Key Off knob that adjusts the amount of random buzzes, thumps, crackles and chirps which the fork makes when manually damped on note release.

If you heard the demos of videos then you know it sounds a little similar to an E-Bow, but still has a very unique character.




Spark Gap is so creative and unique. I found myself writing with it as soon as I started the review. So many possibilities from such an interesting sample set. I don’t know what wavelength The Professor surfs on, but I just became a Rhythmic Robot fan.


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