Scoring Mallets from Handheld Sound: Revisited


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Scoring Mallets was sampled using some of the finest instruments in the industry. By sampling them dry, Handheld Sound created an exceptional sample set for Marimba, Vibraphone and Xylophone that allows you to blend them into your mix with ease. In addition, the implementation of 5 microphone positions and their “Acoustic Positioner” give you more than ample ability to develop a convincing soundstage in your mixes.

One of my favorite things about Scoring Mallets is the ability to achieve a convincing performance using 4 Mallets or Individual hits. The Ripples are amazing on the Marimba, as are the Trills and Glissandis. Whether you are looking for “Dead Already” from American Beauty or Ruth Underwood in the 70’s Zappa band, this Marimba will deliver the goods.

The Vibraphone delivers a similarly amazing performance and while these are billed as scoring tools, they really stretch way beyond that to anything musical. The Vibraphone for instance can be an orchestral percussion instrument but this one would be just as well suited for a jazz performance. The Xylophone for me is more of the traditional orchestral scoring tool but well done.

The inclusion of a step sequencer allows you to build up some imaginative patterning that shines due to the deep sampling and multiple velocity layers. When you package this all up with the “Acoustic Positioner” and layer your sounds, Scoring Mallets is a solid choice for your realistic Mallet playing needs.

Scoring Mallets normally sells for $199.99 (USD) from Handheld Sound


Official Demos of Scoring Mallet

Official Demos of Scoring Mallet