Sample Library Reviews’ Weird & Wonderful Guitars: The Short List


This is post is part of Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week

If you’ve come from the main VI Guitar Week page you have seen some our Weird & Wonderful Top Picks & Guest Picks.

Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic
The Planet Atom by Hub
Apollo by Vir 2 InstrumentsEnigma by Spitfire Audio
Hammered Acoustic Guitar by Audio Wiesel
Brad Hoyt Harp Guitar by Soundiron

But there was a short list of library and virtual instruments that we are very fond of that we couldn’t complete VI Guitar Week without mentioning these Weird & Wonderful  Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments.


Bazantar by 8Dio

+ Think 38 string bass cousin of the Coral Sitar!
+ The Bazantar is extremely melodic, Perfect for Ethnic, Chamber, Textural or whatever music you choose to use it in.
+ Custom instrument developed by Mark Deutsch

Moody drone tones, resonated sounds and emotive patches, The Bazantar cover it all

Bazantar sells for $249 from 8Dio


Electric & Acoustic Saz by Soundiron

+ Sampled and assembled to be able to play like a guitar with typical hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and chokes
+ Hearty selection of patches for the electric and acoustic versions to play straight up or use as an ambience.
+ Includes Western scales so it fits right it with your composition despite it’s traditional roots

Not the first instrument you would think of to replace or compliment your guitar parts but this is a cool instrument you need to try out.

The Electric & Acoustic Saz Bundle sells for  $169 from Soundiron



Fluid Harmonics by In Session Audio

Inspiring with a magnitude of sonic possibilities, Fluid Harmonics is a joy to work. The sample set comes from guitar and synth sets crafted into loads presets providing instant gratification. For those of us wanting to craft and sculpt our own rhythmic textures, hundreds of controls to manipulate the top-shelf samples. Reecently updated with even more PADS and atmospheres.

See our Full Review of Fluid Harmonics  here.

I honestly could write entire albums and entire scores with just this instrument.

Fluid Harmonics sells for $179.99 from


Got a favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know.
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This is post is part of Sample Library Review Vi Guitar Week