Review Wotan Men’s Choir from Strezov Sampling


With Wotan, Strezov Sampling has taken everything they learned from building industry standards like Storm Choir, and crafted a fantastic, easy to use choir that will do wonders for your score.

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Review Wotan Men’s Choir from Strezov Sampling

Wotan sells for $329.00 (USD) from Strezov Sampling


Since starting my review of Wotan last week I have already heard this library in a couple films and a video game score. Wotan is a real work of art, it so cool to be able to play this timbre.  When I first heard about the instrument I thought my review would have lots of jokes about Dwarves, but this library is no joke. If you pick it up you’ll probably want to start using it on everything your scoring.

The simplicity of the GUI really make this instrument so easy to work with. While working with WOTAN I thought I would have liked to seen more syllables in the engine though on reflection I can’t say which ones would have been important to me since I rarely find myself mimicking english phrases with my software choirs anyway.

If you’re looking for that EPIC fantasy, yet unique sounding choir, look no further. Wotan does big and thrilling just as easily as it does brooding, intimate and intense.

Wotan Men's Choir

Wotan Men’s Choir allows easy building of phrases


Strezov Sampling‘s Wotan was inspired by the sound of the Moire ( Dwarf ) men’s choir used to score the Lord of the Rings films.

Wotan does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or higher. It features 5 main patches, Men, Basses, Tenors, Whispers and Clusters as well as 3 LITE versions of the instruments.

Wotan downloads as a little over 5GB and containing both Sustain (1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples of the men’s choir. Each of the instruments has 5 microphone controls Tight, Center, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround.


Wontan Men's Choir Interface

Wontan Men’s Choir second panel of the Interface has controls for microphone playback

The instruments have been scripted with Strezov‘s new Syllabuilder Engine 2.0 which easily and quickly allows the user to build phrases with the 8 syllables provided. The engine allows for connect different syllables which will morph from one to the next and has the ability to Load and Save your lyrics.

All samples are included with natural attacks but the engine gives you the ability to adjust playback with attack, release, volume and offset values controls.

On the second panel of Wotan you have controls over the 3 microphone positions Close, Decac and Hall.

Wotan sells for $329.00 (USD) from Strezov Sampling

Official Demos of Wotan

Official Videos of Wotan