Review: Voices of Rapture Kontakt Player Edition by Soundiron


Despite a few inconsistencies in timbre and a learning curve for the phrase step sequencer, Voices of Rapture’s foundation of operatic vocals really soar. The collection has a lot to offer with the multi-sampled true-legato instruments offering marvelous realism, a vast collection of latin and french phrases and sound designed ambiances and textures, all created from top-tier sample set.

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Review: Voices of Rapture Kontakt Player Edition by Soundiron

Soundiron has taken their SATB single solo operatic vocal instruments and combined them into one Kontakt Player instrument adding multiple ensemble patches for a total of 61 NKIs. The library comes with multi-sampled, true-legato pure vowel presents, 3,200 phrases and dozens of ambiances, drones and experimental instruments using the developers talented sound design skills.

Voices of Rapture Kontakt Player Edition sells for $249 from Soundiron


I am always hesitant when checking out a vocal sample library. Imitating the human voice at a believable level is a difficult task. With Voices of Rapture, I think Soundiron found a nice balance by delivering playable pure vowel, true-legato mutli-sample instruments but left room for composers to express even more with the addition of the over three thousand phrases.

A highlight for me with the library is the multi-sampled true-legato instruments. They sound really nice and can convey some extremely realistic vocal performances. I commend Soundiron for focusing on the true vowels here and not trying to add dozens of accents, consonants or a phrase builder as this could have possibly taken the instrument into the “uncanny valley”.

I think it is important to mention here that you should be prepared to get in and add plenty of midi cc’s for attack, swells, legato speed , vibrato and even cc7 for volume to get the most out of a performance of the legato instruments. I personally don’t feel that is an unreasonable task as we think about mimicking the realism of the human voice.

The french and latin, as well as the whistles and chanting phrases all playback with great recording quality and a diverse collection of expression. I think these will be of great use to composers looking for just a touch here or there of a true vocal performance to invigorate a composition.

Bass Phrases instrument with Step Sequencer

The phrase instruments also contain a step sequencer which gives you the ability to cut, jump and craft an original phrase combining several sections or slices of the phrase samples. I think this is a fantastic bit of functionality but unfortunately, I also found it to be the stumbling block for an otherwise very intuitive library. My experience in experimenting with the step sequencing functionality took me away from the review for quite some time while I searched for videos, read the manual and then still had trouble implementing the feature. I don’t want to harp about the learning curve of the step sequencing but feel it is important to share the experience so you will be prepared to invest the time.

One of dozens of sound design presets


The other set of presets that are a highlight for me are the sound design sets. For these sound design NKIs Soundiron manipulated and tweaked out the original vocal samples to create some great ambiances, textures, and drones.

Soprano Ambiences Cathedral has a beautiful pleasing “organ” like sound

The particular patch I will be returning to as soon as possible is the Soprano Ambiences Cathedral. These beauties produce organ-like tones with an incredible extra sheen that play back with just a little excitement. As I am not a big fan of organs myself, the extra oddity in the tone will make using these as substitutes for organs very special.

The library does come with Soundiron’s FX panel which will allow you to really take these sounds out to another level.

Now, despite my critique of inconsistencies in timbre, the multi-sampled, true-legato pure vowels offer an opportunity for some marvelous realism in playback. Voices of Rapture Kontakt Player Edition gathers all of the singers in one instrument and offers the ability to create traditional operatic vocals as well as more modern performances that will come in handy for scores. With it’s giant collection of phrases and dozens of ambiances, drones, and textures this collection has a lot to offer and is delivered with the kind of top-tier sample quality we have come to expect from Soundiron.

As with all of our reviews, be sure to check out the official demos and videos below to learn more about the instrument and if it is right for you and your needs.


The library weighs in at 13 GB and contains 17,310 – 24/48 kHz losslessly compress samples. There are a total of 61 NKI presets included. The library is a Kontakt Player library and requires either Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt version 5.5.2 or higher, Komplete Kontrol NKS support is also provided in this version.


Voices of Rapture Kontakt Player sells for $249 from Soundiron

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