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50% OFF Voice of Gaia & Francesca by Soundiron Aug 8

The Facts

Voice Of Gaia: Francesca is a kontakt instrument contains the exciting and exotic female solo mezzo-soprano voice of Francesca Lilac Genco.

As a recording artist and vocalist Francesca Genco’s voice has been used in TV, game and film soundtracks. She sings dramatic fusions of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian vocal styles that at times sounds like she is creating her own language.

The library weighs in at 6.7 GB with over 8300 samples and retails for @119.00 USD at

Be sure to check out all of Soundiron’s official videos on how to use all the controls and functions of the instrument.


The Instruments

This library contains chromatic true legato for Ah & Oo vowels and Humming sounds as well as a MASTER Legato instrument which allows you to load and sequence all of the true legato for Ah & Oo vowels and Humming samples.


There are over 1800 live melodic phrases in 5 style categories: Bombastic, Melodic, Bright, Atonal/Discordant and Whispering. The phrases are organized by key and tempo. With each of these instruments you have the ability to tempo-syncing, time-stretching and pitch transposition controls to customize the phrases as you like. You are also able to sequence phrases, with the sequencer, use the speed-controls or edit the live waveform.

In addition there is a chromatically sampled staccato instrument with 8x round robins of Ahs, Ays, Ees, Mms, Oh and Oos samples


The library includes a chromatic Sustains instrument which contains, Ahs, Ays, Ees, Mms, Oh and Oos samples.



The vocal effects instrument contains breaths, burps, laughs, lip trills, mouth fx, sighs, sniffs vocalizations and more.


There are 3 ambience instruments created by manipulating Francesca’s vocal samples: Francescapes, Frangelistics and Frantacular,

Each instrument includes Soundirons FX Rack with compression, delay, filter, EQ, amp/speaker simulation and convolution reverb, featuring dozens of rooms, cathedrals and otherworldly fx.


The Interface

All instruments give you controls for sample playback swell, attack, offset and release.

The Legato Instruments give you additional controls for speed, intensity, voices and range as well as the step sequencer, song key switch and pitch key switch settings

In addition each instrument has the ability to change the key switches by pressing the “SET” button and then assigning the key switch area.

Francesca was recorded in a dry studio environment using high dynamic range large-diaphragm Neumann
microphones. You have the ability to work with 2 (an omni and a cardiod) microphones and blend the left right and volume.

Official Demos from Soundiron

Official Videos from Soundiron

Link to Francesca’s album Numinous River