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Review Vintage Rhythm Section

Vintage Rhythm Section is a kontakt sample library that captures the backing instruments of the 60s and 70s. Funk Soul has succeeded in capturing these instruments in great detail and delivered a wonderful library that will jump start your musical time machine with sonic authenticity. Though lacking deep sampling and velocity layers the instruments deliver very cool wah effects and helpful multis.

The Facts

Vintage Rhythm Section is designed to capture the classic rhythm section sounds of R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Rock records from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The instrument plays in both the FREE and full version of a Kontakt 5+.

Vintage Rhythm Section contains 67 Instrument Patches divided into 3 categories R&B, Jazz & Rock and weighs in at just over 16.4 GB of uncompressed WAV data (7.4 Compressed) data.

Each of the 3 categories (R&B, Jazz & Rock) contains multiple Basses, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards & Percussion instruments.

The library comes with 19 multis including Brit Rock, Bubblegum Rock, Classic Rock, Detroit Soul Ballad, Funkedelic, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock, Oakland Soul, Philly Soul, Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Retro-Disco, Soul Jazz, Surf Rock, Vintage Jazz Ballad & Vintage Jazz Rhythm Sections.

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The Interface

Main Instrument GUI is easy to use with some great sounding effects emulating Tape Saturation, EQ, Distortion, Delay, a Rotor a really nice sounding set of retro Reverbs and the really cool Mod-Wah (available on selected instruments allows Wah effects by using the Mod-Wheel..


The Drum GUI gived you individual Treble, Bass and Reverb controls for each instrument in its own channel strip. The Kits load up optimized to play with the style and sound they promise and the added Saturation and Compression on the stereo out chain gives you even more of that tasty retro sound.



Final Thoughts

Vintage Rhythm Section has some amazing authentic sounds thanks to the dedication of Funk Soul Productions to sample authentic vintage gear for the instruments. The instruments shine with the character added with the hisses, pops, clicks, buzzes and crackle that helps bring to life the feeling of those 60s & 70s recordings. Funk Soul has succeeded in capturing these instruments in great detail and delivered a wonderful set that will jump start your musical time machine.

For the tonal instruments I would have liked to have had more articulations (most instruments come with a staccato and sustain) but the added bass glissando samples and very cool wah effects help the instruments all gel so well together that it really sells the instruments in performance as a package.

The drum sets have great character as well, but I would have liked to get some round-robins and a few more velocity layers especially on the snare so I wouldn’t have to work around that dreaded machine-gun-playback you get when repeating notes quickly.

The Multis are well curated and a great starting point to get you headed in the right direction to craft in the style you are looking for.

Overall Vintage Rhythm Section is a great set of instrument if you’re trying to capture anything with that 60s and 70s flavor or wanting to add a little of that retro sound to your music.

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