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Review: Uproar Vol 2 By Chocolate Audio

Recording guitars well and getting that perfect rhythmic metal tone can be a challenge, especially if you’re not a guitar player. Uproar Vol 2 by Chocolate Audio, takes the work out of your hands and gives you easy and controlled access to a collection of tempo-synced grooves each performed by the virtuoso Gianluca Ferro on a unique custom shop ESP 8-string baritone guitar.

Uproar Vol 2 By Chocolate Audio sells for$79 from Chocolate Audio


Uproar Vol 2 Interface


At its core, Uproar vol 2 is a well thought out engine for playing loops. The library give the user the ability to select from one of seven “collections”. Each of these is essentially a construction kit for a four part metal band guitar section. The instrument allows you to control the key center of each of the tempo-synced grooves allowing you to slip them into your tracks with very little effort.

Mixer Panel

Each of the four parts can be controlled independently and mixed with the wonderfully intuitive mixing window featured in the instrument. It also allows for FX sends such as reverb and delay. A nice addition is that each of the four parts has the ability to have an independant output for Kontakt. If they didn’t, then you’d need to load up four instances of the instrument in order to have independent control of the parts in your mix.

FX Panel

The keyboard layout feels simple enough though I found myself scratching my head in a few moments. In black on the left side are your main triggers. These allow you to change the key center of the collection. The collection is initially selected from a drop down on the top left of the interface. The rest of the keyboard is split into four octaves, each representing one of the four parts. Here the user is able to control what variation is being played. This offers some flexibility and control when working with your loops. Instead of moving to a new variation all at once, you may instead choose to have certain parts stay the same while others move on to a new variation. The first B on your keyboard after the initial trigger keys mutes everything. Every subsequent B mutes the part of the octave it is in. This is an aspect of the library I found confusing. Though I understand that the B is muting part trigger by the octave it is in, the fact is that it is visually closer to the next octave. So the mute for part 2 will be directly adjacent to the triggers of part 3 etc. This at first caused me to think there was a bug in the instrument before I realised that it was simply mapped in a less than perfect way.

Something I love about this library is the intelligent trigger offset. You may choose to select a rhythmic value, for example 1 Bar. When your groove is playing and you trigger a variation of one of the four parts, the instrument will wait for the next increment of your selected rhythmic value to roll around before triggering the variation. This ensures that everything develops in a musical way and everything stays in time. This is absolutely something I’d love to see in other loop playback engines and i commend Chocolate Audio on this design.

Overall, I found Uproar vol 2 to be extremely niche due to its very specific sound. For most media composers, this is not the most common style to come up in a creative brief and as a result many may hear the demos and decide they have no need for it. Having said this, with every niche sound, it always remains to be true that you never need an instrument until the project comes along where you need it. The instrument was executed extremely well and sounds great. For $79 it’s a very reasonable buy and many composers may find uses for it in their music that they may not at first expect.


Uproar Volume 2 by Chocolate Audio is a little over 3 GB uncompressed. It is a collection of 7 tempo synced groups of grooves, each one featuring four mixable parts. Each of the four parts has multiple variations allowing the user to insert an amount of development into the loops. The instrument requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2+ and will not work with the free Kontakt player.

Uproar Volume 2 sells for $79 from Chocolate Audio


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