Review: True Keys Bundle by VI Labs


VI Labs has a well-established reputation as a powerhouse in delivering superbly sampled grand piano sound, offering some of the most sought-after models in the world.

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Review: True Keys Pianos Bundle by VI Labs

Truekeys delivers three of the most beautiful pianos in the world. Considered the crème of the crop based not only on their craftsmanship, but more importantly the overall sound. The American – Steinway Model D, the German – Bechstein Semi and the Italian -Fazioli F308 Grand pianos are deeply-sampled and provide an array of controls that will easily accommodate both the professional and the novice alike.

VI Labs True Keys Bundle is on a special sales price of $349





Every time there is a new piano deal or a new piano is released sample library enthusiasts ask the age-old question “do I really need this one?” The simple answer on this particular deal is YES!


This is a really well-balanced collection that offers up three distinct sounds with the American 9 foot grand, the German Bechstein being a semi-grand and the Italian Fazioli a massive 10 foot concert grand. As someone who owns this collection, I have a very specific preference for the Italian Fazioli because of the massive sound that it is capable of and its ability to handle any musical style. I also really like the German Bechstein as a writing vehicle for more subtle pieces or ballads, as it has a very intimate sound. The American Steinway model D is probably the most recognizable piano outside of this collection as this is not the first time that it has been sampled but it does stand up very well to comparable libraries that I own.

Where I think this collection really shines is in the overall control that it provides for sculpting your sound. The implementation of Una Corda adds a special touch to your ballads or underscore. When taking into account the inclusion of three different microphone positions and the ability to blend them, shape the velocity curve, control release trails, dial in key noise, pedaling noise, and control the sympathetic resonance, I would would be recommending this piano at its normal retail price.

At this price though, it is simply a no-brainer deal.

At this price though, it is simply a no-brainer deal. As with all of my reviews, I would encourage you to check out the official demos to make sure that this is the right tool for you.



Truekeys contains over 50,000 samples and downloads at just over 5 GB. Truekeys requires the free UVI Workstation Version 2.5.9 of higher and an iLok account. For all of the technical details, see the full specifications on the official product page.

VI Labs True Keys Bundle is on a special sales price of $349



Demos of True Keys Pianos Bundle

Videos of True Keys Pianos Bundle