Review: Trailer Box by Wavelet Audio


Trailer Box by Wavelet Audio is a high-quality, one-stop-shop, toolbox that contains just about everything you could possibly need for modern trailer music production. It is definitely worth every penny.

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Review: Trailer Box by Wavelet Audio

Wavelet Audio is a relatively young company on the sample library scene, but don’t let that fool you. This studio is run by people that have a passion for music and software development, both as creator and consumer. Wavelet Audio describes the company on their website as “a production studio run by musicians & software developers, producers, and sound designers” and this is evident the second you open up your first library from them. From their clean GUI’s to the high quality sample content, they are rapidly making a name for themselves in the music production community.

Trailer Box sells for $89.00 from Wavelet Audio


Prior to doing this review, I had only seen Wavelet Audio’s name in passing and was familiar with the buzz surrounding their other products, but I hadn’t actually tried one of their libraries for myself. When I was offered this review, I jumped at the chance because there’s a different kind of excitement that comes from reviewing a new library from a new company that you’re unfamiliar with. I tend to over-scrutinize these libraries because while I am checking out a product, I am also getting a first impression of the company as a whole and determining whether I will be a future customer of theirs. After an in-depth review of Trailer Box, I can definitely say they gained a fan. My immediate thought after loading Trailer Box was how clean and professional the GUI was. It was laid out very simple without an abundance of confusing controls or knobs. I actually really enjoyed just looking at its really clean lines and clear text. This simple GUI and the nicely organized files already had me intrigued and I was excited to hear what they sounded like. With these samples, I was not disappointed. They were excellently created and include a great variety of different sounds. This company obviously cares about producing top-notch products and made sure every feature of this library reflects their passion and professionalism. All of the instruments in this library come in 1 of 2 varieties, so I will group them in this review by these two types.

Gate Rate Image


The first group includes the Bass One-Shots, Hits, Whooshes, Low Thuds, Pings, Braams, Risers, Warhorns, and Sub Drops. This group’s GUI features a Gate Rate knob and a Gate Sensitivity knob that really helps to add a little more variety and get some unique sounds. This group also features a drop-down menu that allows you to adjust where the sample starts playing in relation to the hit.

Start Time Menu

The options here range from on the hit or to starting from a 32 note before on up to 4 bars before the hit. On the bottom left of the GUI, there’s a volume, pan, stereo, cutoff, and reverb knob that stays the same no matter what instrument you’re using. The lower right side features an attack, hold, decay, sustain, and release knob that is different for this group. The second group contains the Bass Pulses 1 and 2, Clocking Pulses, Marches Pulses, Risers Rhythms, and the Guitar Loops. The main difference with this group is that instead of gate controls, they have a speed knob to adjust how fast the samples play back.

Speed Time Image

The speed knob has 3 basic settings, normal, half, and double. These 3 settings work relatively well, but it can be hit or miss depending on which of the instruments you’re using. The Bass Pulses were the main ones that I thought suffered from being slowed down, but when sped up, they sounded perfect for an EDM track. The guitar loops in this library definitely could’ve used more fleshing out, but with a good amp sim, they can be made to sound quite good and become really useful. One of the things I love about this library is that it seems way more versatile than other trailer libraries and I think this is due to the quality of the samples and the parameter controls. I was actually really surprised with how well this library fits in a variety of musical settings and though it is geared mostly for trailers, it seems like the creators wanted to extend its usefulness and give the user the most bang for their buck. Overall this a great sounding library and is well worth its price tag. Wavelet Audio has made a great first impression on me with this library and they have definitely made a new fan.


This library is broken down into 14 categories that features 240 samples total and requires 2.57 GB of hard drive space. It does require the full version of Kontakt 6.0.2, but they have also included the WAV files for those that don’t have Kontakt.

Trailer Box sells for $89.00 from Wavelet Audio


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Contributor T.M.K. Davis reviews Trailer Box by Wavelet Audio
“Definitely worth every penny, Trailer Box is a high quality, one stop shop, toolbox that contains just about everything you could possibly need for modern trailer music production. “