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First Look Review TimeDrops from FluffyAudio

TimeDrops is a granular time manipulation tool for Kontakt 5. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher and 7GB of hard drive space.

It comes with 988 mb of samples which make up the 91 NKI presets.

The heart of TimeDrops is the advanced time granular engine which allows users to freeze the time of any sample, creating pads and soundscapes out of any kind of material. In addition TimeDrops allows users to their own samples and manipulate them with all the TimeDrops effects, LFOs and granular engine.

TimeDrops has it’s own custom ADSRs as well as LFO and the ability to custom configure the midi CC controls for the interface.

TimeDrops from Fluffy Audio

TimeDrops from Fluffy Audio


I really love the way TimeDrops has been designed. It’s controls manipulate samples in exciting and very usable ways. The biggest surprise is that the samples are able to be transformed so radically – in one instance I was able to take the harsh sound of hitting a metal dog bowl and turn it into a smooth sounding pad.

The engine is the heart of the instrument and very clever. Although I needed to reference the manual a couple times, in the end I found it was easy to import sample through both of the methods available. The presets that come with the instrument are fresh and very well curated. If there was a patch I wasn’t keen on, with just a few tweaks of the controls and I was able to listen as it transformed into something fun and exciting to play.

With it’s wealth of controls and custom scripting, the only limit to TimeDrops is your imagination.

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