Review Thunder X3M Strezov Sampling


Thunder X3M is a phenomenal sounding collection of EPIC percussion with a well thought out interface that will have you building your favorite ensembles in no time.

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Thunder X3M  has special intro pricing of $269 till April 16, 2016 

Review Thunder X3M Strezov Sampling

Thunder X3M sells for $329.00 from Strezov Sampling


Any time I hear about a sequel library I am always a bit skeptical. I felt the same way when I heard about Strezov‘s 4th incarnation of it’s percussion library Thunder. But after just a few minutes playing back the samples and learning to navigate the brand new interface, I have to say all doubts are gone. Thunder X3M is a wonderful and vast collection consistently recorded of percussion in a very well thought out interface.

Thunder X3M builds on Strezov‘s 3 previous Thunder libraries in many ways including the addition of 6GB of fresh sample material. Stand out features besides the great sounding set of 100 instruments are use of “Zones”. With Thunder X3M you get 12 zones color coded and mapped across the keyboard in which you can load the percussion instruments of your choice. Each zone has parameters for tuning, attack, sustain and a 3 band EQ as well as separate controls for mic playback for the instruments loaded into each zone.

The mic playback selections of each zone as well as the master playback gives you sliders for Close, Decca, Hall plus a Bass and Compressed playback sample set. The Bass and Compression have been created by runing the instruments through outboard gear and they sound pretty great.


Also of note is that this library is very easy on the RAM and when I had all 12 zones loaded with instruments I was barely using 200MB.

The last instrument from Strezov I reviewed was WOTAN which I loved. Following that up with Thunder X3M has elevated my admiration for Strezov Sampling. They are on a roll and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

If you’re looking to up your game with a phenomenal sounding collection of EPIC percussion, I highly recommend Thunder X3M.


Thunder X3M contains 16,000 samples of percussion instrument and downloads as 27.5GB The library does require the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or higher.  Thunder contains samples sets from almost 100 various percussion instruments
which have been divided into 6 Groups Low ensembles, High Ensembles, Ethnic Percussion, Epic metals, Sound Design Percussion & Distorted Percussion.

The library comes with 8 multi-presets but the main instrument loads with no samples and allows users to load their own selection of instruments into the 12 Zones. Each zone has zone controls offering EQ as well as mic playback, pitch control and sustain and attack transient controls.

The front panel of the instrument has a “Global Playback” with controls for 3 mic positions (Close, Decca  & Hall) as well as Bass and Compression samples.


Thunder X3M sells for $329.00 from Strezov Sampling

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