Review The Sampling Handbook, a step by step guide to creating sample libraries by Cooke & Huyskens from Analogue Press


From concept to creation to the sweet sound of customer check out The Sampling Handbook covers it all!

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The Sampling Handbook published by Analogue Press

The Sampling Handbook sells for €39, €129 & €199 from Analogue Press


If you have ever dreamed of creating a sample library for personal use or starting a business selling virtual instruments than this book is for you. The Sampling Handbook, written by Emmett Cooke and Marcus Huyskens, is an excellent guide for those new to creating libraries. It also is loaded with helpful advice and tips that even some of the bigger sample library developers could learn from.

As the primary author, Huyskens’ written and visual examples expertly guide you from his years of development experience running Bad Cat and creating and distributing dozens of sample libraries. Emmett Cooke brings his experience in sales and marketing as the founder of VSTBuzz with a “marketing” chapter that will have you filling up pages of notes and rethinking your own digital marketing strategies.

There are 3 versions of The Sampling Handbook available.The Solo Edition, The Developer Bundle & The Premium Bundle.
The Solo Edition gets you The Sampling Handbook by itself as an eBook download and sells for €39.

Both bundled editions of the guide come with “Kontakt Script: A Beginners Guide” from author Sam who is the founder of FrozenPlain, a sample instrument company.  I have reviewed a couple of FrozenPlain instrument ( see Review of Arctic Strings  and Review of The Chordophones) and he has a produced some great sounding and intuitive interfaces for FrozenPlain.

The Developer Bundle includes The Sampling Handbook, Kontakt Script: A Beginners Guide, Audiobook & Kontakt Scripter Interview and sells for €129.



The Premium Bundle of The Sampling Handbook comes with a Video Series, WAV samples, Kontakt Scripter Interview, Sales & Marketing Manual and Website Hosting & eCommerce Guide

The Premium Bundle get you everything in the Developer Bundle plus the Video Series, WAV samples, Kontakt Scripter Interview, Sales & Marketing Manual and Website Hosting & eCommerce Guide. The Premium Bundle sells for €199.

Kontakt Scripter Interview is with “Evil Dragon”, a professional full-time Kontakt scripter who has coded dozens of top selling kontakt instruments – many I know I have reviewed and he does some fantastic work!

If you going to take creating libraries seriously I highly recommend you consider the Premium Bundle as it will give you the training, tips and insight of all four professionals who have been working in this very specialized industry for years.

I had a chance to read through all the written content of the Premium Bundle for the review and found a treasure chest of knowledge and how-to’s. I think the organizational tips about pre-planning your recording sessions to efficiently capture what you needed for a library alone will save new developers days if not weeks of mistakes.

Another stand out for me as a reader was Cookes chapter on marketing. As the host of Sample Library Review about %50 of my energy is spent marketing the website and reviews. I was considering writing an ebook on marketing for sample developers until I read Emmett Cookes “marketing” chapter in The Sampling Handbook now I have re-thought my own marketing strategies for the vlog!

The Sampling Handbook is available from Analogue Press