Review: The Samplecast’s big review of “Dronar Guitarscapes” from Gothic Instruments


Dronar Guitarscapes weights in at  almost 6GB and requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Dronar Guitarscapes is the follow up to Gothic Instruments Dronar instrument.
Current owners of Dronar can get 20% off with a loyalty discount on this and future Dronar libraries so if you’ve got any of those that’s worth considering.
over a time and space so let’s get into
the library the rules samples are guitars here but you wouldn’t know it from most of the patches where they’ve been processed and affected in really interesting ways the presets are organized into well-named banks and have been designed by composers such as Mary Ann Fisher and Jonathan sharp so guitar escapes is designed to be played in cords and it creates subtly shifting ambiences soundscapes arpeggios and otherworldly pads does a really good job of this and the sounds are stellar if you write media music that needs spacey yet organic sounds then this is really going to be top of your shopping list the dolls on the main interface allow you to control intensity movement and you can also add in FX / x here as well
as well as controlling the basic high mid and low layer levels if you delve a bit deeper into the interface you’ll
find options to tweak the effects and layers with randomization of the sound sources to this is something i found really useful i love a contact library with a bit of randomization it really takes the leg workout of choosing
individual patches they were also LFO an arpeggio interface windows and the rhythm window which adds another layer
of customization to the rhythmic sample
sources i did have a little bit of
trouble getting my head around how the
rhythm window works but this was
actually explained quite well in the
manual so it’s worth having a read of
that so the best thing about this
library is simply the sound it is
gorgeous and the sounds of so tweakable
the randomization as I’ve said before is
a huge asset and the presets are really
well categorized once you understand how
they work
it was also nice to be able to load 12
presets at the same time and change them
on the fly using the red key switches at
the bar
the keyboard that gave me a lot of
opportunity to audition sounds without
going backwards and forwards and loading
up each one individually i’ll also give
a special shout-out to the gating control on the interface that getting is something that I use a lot in my own productions and it’s always something that I set up separately in camel space so i manually do it in my door so it’s great to have it on board this particular instrument the only negative point that I can really raise is perhaps guitar escapes could be a little bit overwhelming for beginners as there’s so many options of customization if you get off of the main page luckily the manual will help is really well written and it explains most of the functions in a good amount of detail overall I think this is great library it’s well-priced especially with the intro deal and loyalty discount so I
can’t wait to hear the next module and in the meantime I’ll probably spend
weeks and months playing with this one thank you so much for watching that’s
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