Review: The Floppytron Synth by Sampleso (currently 77% OFF)


The Floppytron Synth is every “bit” a joy to work with. Inspiring and full of surprises it is easy to hit the ground running thanks to the many presets that are built in, and advanced tweaking and customization options.

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First Published on December 3, 2017


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Review: The Floppytron Synth by Sampleso

Unique and inspiring, Floppytron is every “bit” a joy.

Floppytron is a synthesized instrument with its humble roots in the tech of a bygone era. Sampleso custom built a circuit to enable a floppy drive to receive and perform MIDI data. Coupled with inventive recording techniques, this effort has yielded a detailed and special sounding instrument, replete with dozens of effects and controls to make it a truly unique tool in your music-making arsenal.

The Floppytron Synth sells for $49.99 from Sampleso



This library is truly impressive both because of the simplicity of the source material and the depth and versatility of the instrument player. This is not a collection of computer beeps and whirs. Floppytron comes with over 100 presets which fall into categories of Leads, Pads, Percussion, Bass, and FX, and about 4 octaves of playable range. There is a category filter and parameters filters for easy navigation. Presets have fun names, many of which are dinosaurs or dinosaur-like; no doubt a humorous commentary by the developers on the source of this creative instrument. The sounds themselves are intriguing and inspiring and easily usable alongside other synths or orchestral libraries. My favorites by category:

Leads: Khaan, Jobaria, Orkoraptor, Sinosaurus, Troodon, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Dacentrurus, Lexovisaurus, Kryptops
Pads: Eoraptor, Rapator, Orthomerus, Maleevus
Percussion: Koi, Regnosaurus, Magnamanus, Mei, Minmi
Bass: Teleocrater, Goyocephale
FX: Yi, Camasaurus

One of the great features of this library is the ability to manipulate the sounds with dozens of effects settings, and to save your own presets. When you save a new preset, you are able to use custom tags and to sort it into the category of choice, making it easy to find later.

The available effects are shown at the bottom of the screen in the second row: Filter, Formanta, Lo-Fi, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Rotator, Stereo Enhancer, EQ, Compressor, Delay and Reverb. The top row contains the button to show the presets, the custom programmable keyswitches (which let you save all parameters to a keyswitch), beat (which syncs to the DAW’s tempo), Glide (portamento where you control the duration and crossfade), ADSR, LFO (which contains 40 wave forms), Arpeggiator, Step Sequencer, and the custom Effects Morpher.

The Effects Morpher is a set of modulators which lets you customize any of the following: filter cutoff, filter resonance, formant filter frequency, formant filter sharpness, lo-fi bit depth, lo-fi bit frequency, stereo enhancer pan, delay input gain, reverb input gain, distortion drive, chorus dry/wet, and rotary dry/wet. Each modulator has its own speed control and can be loop-enabled. This feature enables you to create movement and add more interest to your sounds.

Overall I found this library to be inspiring and full of surprises. It is easy to hit the ground running thanks to the many presets that are built in, and also has the capacity for a great deal of advanced tweaking and customization. This instrument is a great addition to any composition arsenal.



The library requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt (5.6.8+).
Downloads at 300 MB zip file

The Floppytron Synth sells for $49.99 from Sampleso


Demos ofThe Floppytron Synth by Sampleso

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